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    Default Does clothing style tells about your type?

    I prefer wearing black clothes
    I don't even know why do I do this
    It's more comfortable when I wear exactly black clothes, it gives me a little bit of self-confidence
    Anyone else?
    By the way, do you wear clothes of the latest trends on it doesn't matter to you what brand/year the clothe is?

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    I have very light hair and complexion, so black is by far the best color for me to wear. It's not all I wear, but I almost always wear a black shirt as a base and build dark colors around that. If I wore light or pastel colors I'd look like the easter bunny had vomited me up after going on a petunia binge. Blegh.
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    I wear a lot of navy or dark blue. I usually pair that with black and gray. Gray is like a security blanket for me but I've tried to get a little more variety to pair with it like green or even red. I don't like prints much but I will go that route with shoes or a sweater, occasionally.
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    Love black, particularly the monochromatic look. During the winter, I'll often wear a black sweater, black jeans, black boots and a dark charcoal cashmere long coat with black leather gloves.

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    I prefer darker intense colors and earth tones.
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    Most of my wardrobe is black but I think I'm just going to start wearing tin foil now. I'm not young enough for Saran wrap.
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    I'm drawn to clothes in those colors in particular. I don't care what the current trends are, beyond being able to buy something I like. I tend to be picky about colors. If I go to a store like TJMaxx or something where there are racks and racks of clothes, I can just walk through and pretty much get a good idea of whether I even want to bother with looking more closely at something by the color that is showing on the sleeve. I'm a sucker for particular colors and textures, and vintage style, though I don't wear that very often.
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    I have a strong tendency towards bright/intense clothing? I don't really have much of an inclination towards "aesthetic" and generally abhor shopping for clothing because the concept of looking at clothes and finding them "attractive" or even picking something you "like" is kind of foreign/difficult to me. What I tend to wear either falls into the category of "this looks comfortable" or some conflation with an object of clothing "sticking out above the rest" with "being attracted to that article of clothing," so my wardrobe tends to be saturated with color. I think I may lean towards yellow and blue as choices, though I definitely have a wardrobe with every color of the rainbow in it.

    Long answer short, I like colors and my "style" has on multiple occasions been considered to be "tacky." I guess i may stay away from reds/pinks purely because I have rosacea/eczema. I really have no concept of the trend, so I don't think I follow it (or at least I don't think I really build an aesthetic consciously).

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    My performing wardrobe is black, but I like all colors. I have a kinda hippie wardrobe. It's mostly bohemian with a little Goth splashes. Stevie Nicks would dig it.

    For my complexion and features, I avoid overly bright colors and patterns.

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    There’s supposedly a whole psychology behind colors. Black for instance projects power and an air of mystery but also a degree of being closed off. A majority of my wardrobe is black. I just think it looks sharp.

    Other colors include dark blues (although I like a nice cobalt blue), grays, and the occasional green or red shirt. Mostly it’s a rather subdued palette.

    Not sure how that pertains to type.
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