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    Default human beings are the most dangerous people on earth

    human beings from the beginning of time have destroyed the earth more times than all the nukes put together. from the time of noah to the time of the indians,slavery,fema camps and holocaust. see it this way,the way society is today,it is a reflection of the people in general,im not saying people have to be perfect,but we are as guilty as the person pulling the trigger or causing nukes. the foreigners wouldnt be trying to kill americans if we just stay out of wars that have nothing to do with us. a lot of crimes wouldnt happen if the greed was kept in check,if hate was kept in check,if people were loyal,if hearts were not so divided. crimes happen because of the people.

    think of pluto and popeye the sailor man,in some of those episodes. one minute they were friends,but as soon as a lady comes in,they ready to fight each other over her. martin luther king died due to racism.

    one way society can get better is by making sure the rules do not benefit one particular group and not get over the other group. the rules need to be for a particular time period because all time periods are going to be different,so rules need to be different. if they are going to elect a leader,make sure the leader is non biased and does not have a history of discrimination acts.

    another way society can get better is stop hiding behind religions, and cults,because all it is going to do is divide the people. because at the end of the day,it does not matter,it is just a title.
    people need to respect each other.

    also if you notice,in times of peace,comes hate and in times of war, comes love.
    human beings may not be strong individual,but when they come together, they are unstoppable.
    Do as you please we are as gods
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    This reads like a high school essay
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    Uh huh. This is news to who now?
    “ Rise up and raise the iron roof off
    Now, Rise up and riot 'til the bomb drops
    Now, Rise up the time is right to sound off, so
    Rise with me, rise with me, rise with me (RISE UP!)”
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    Quote Originally Posted by batteries included View Post
    This reads like a high school essay
    I'd rather someone have a poorly worded articulation of core issues of our species, than to be completely blind and ignorant to it. Or worse, actually view these struggles and strife as a desirable thing.
    It is our duty to create meaning.

    If only it were that simple.
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    I respect how draon always speaks his mind even when it leads some members to openly mock or dismiss him

    Bravery is a virtue
    Give me clarity
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    Well... I liked the OP. It's not as if much substance appears on the forum these days, so it's kinda nice not to see someone talking about their demonic function acting up.

    And, the vast majority of folks don't really think about any of this anyway.
    "...On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." - James Joyce

    My Photography and Watercolor Fine Art Prints!!! Cascade Colors Fine Art Prints
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    Quote Originally Posted by ısoprene View Post
    poorly worded
    They're running just like you
    For you, and I, wooo
    So people, people, need some good ol' love

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    Dear Draon,

    Please change you enneatype to 6. It is nothing to deny or be ashamed of. You actually do 6 quite well and they need you to improve their image and fight against stereotypes.

    Peter Aphrodite, the Saprophytic Deadpan

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