It has been not once that when doing Active Imagination (Invented by Jung), or in Dreams where the true me, or my soul is portrayed as an very attractive, opposite sex character.

In my first Active Imagination technique, I Imagined I am a God of my inner world or as a very massive Singulairty/blackhole to manipulte the vast space enviroment around me with my own enormious gravity powers. However one time, I was asked: What would I find inside that Blackhole, that vortex, that "Me"?

That question did really puzzled and confused me at first, but It's until I used whats called an Active Imagination technique, which unvelied for me whats there inside my very own vortex of "Me". The picture that flashed in my mind, telling me whats there took me by huge surprise.

This is essentialy whats my mind shown me whats Inside that vortex of "Me":

So it shown me that I am basicaly that very attractive character.

Second attempt of my Active Imagination was replaying a weird Dream I had, it included the following scenario:
The dream that I replayed in my mind was Me looking at the mirror whilist masturbating (In the dream), the reflection while doing so was shown my own face but with black-pitch dot eyes (Yes, believe me, I was the masturbation horror It'self in the dream).

In this Active Imagination, I replayed that scenario, with the addition of the following words I told myself while Replaying the scene: "What I am seeing in the mirror is a Monster, a very pervasive one.", however whilist pronoucing "Monster" whilist replaying the scene, my mind without my notice replaced my Pitch-black eyed face with an feminine figure instead, and it took me by surprise. This time It's this character:

I have been asking myself, what does all that mean? My mind answered me that it is my Soul, It is me, It is my very own essence.

I mean I can confirm this, there has been common dreams, where I would see a Car, or bike, or a Tank or Spaceship, which are the representative of the Ego, and the Driver, Commander or the Pilot would be a woman.

So, why is my own essence, the 'Me', the Soul is portrayed as the opposite sex? Note how It is always a feminine character that I find the most attractive one, either romanticaly or sexualy.