‘The difference coming from an NT and NF phenomenological view or my own inner-verse term’

I write in my written words that it is not Rational to deal with any person irrational. In my metaphorical written works as well in public speeches I say, “It takes two irrational people to have an argument.

One is senselessly beating their head against the North wall while the other is senselessly beating their head bloody on the South Wall.” Neither are utilizing any Active Listening Skill.

I simply walk away. I don’t address an irrational being. I make a general memo, “Those using labeling, name calling or perjorattives (Trump) are basically using pebbles and bam bam speech of Fred Flinstone.

It’s only the meaning you attach to it. Bruno Bettelheim in my field did excellent work with adolescent unruly juveniles. For all intensive purposes they could throw temper tantrums and destroy furtuture.

It was only if they were a direct harm to them self or others that intervention became necessary. In a psychology field addressing a negative person or person with an irrational attitude is akin to the professional term of negative reinforcement.

@Coriolis point blank. Both male and as well female NT have higher rates of Testosterone than their SP, SJ, and NF counterparts. You of course make usage of ‘Argument,’ in judicious mannerism.

I understand the viewpoint you as an NT espouse. I can get in your inner phenomenological point of view. The less cognitively adroit I term ‘inner-verse and both are synonymous.

I am NF of Social Sciences: Psy.D., Psychologists, Licensed Family Therapy Counselors, Human Services, Social Services, Social Workers, Behavior Coordinators and Case Managers..

Quite blunt (The SP (dopamine) also SJ (Serotonin) heightened can’t match the higher estrogen and testosterone Intuitive’s of 35 percent of this population upon planet Earth. They haven’t the brain power and mismanage the ‘Argument’ terminology.

I have alongside all NF on this planet Intuitive Insight, Spatial Intelligence, higher corresponding estrogen level compare to my SP, SJ, and NT. This gives me IQ, CPU (Brain computing power), sensitivity, shy, from Dr. Daniel Goleman, EQ: Emotional Intelligence and a gift that is Empathy.

Of all the 100 plus brain and minds I’ve dialogues @Coriolis is the most reasoned and refreshing mind of intellect I have had the honor of engaging.

Even we’re there were minor disagreements it was @Coriolis coming from according to Biological Anthropology MD. a heightened female testosterone than her counterparts SJ, SP and NF. Where I come from the soft sciences of the psychology field and am a heightened estrogen male compared to my SJ (Serotonin) SP (dopamine) and NT (testosterone) male counterparts.

The genius brains do possess high sexual hormones: either estrogen or testosterone. We represent the 35% of intuitively on planet earth. Sp (Dopamine) and SJ (Serotonin) are the 65% of the less genetically endowed sensory base.

@Coriolis said to read the Bible was quite all right to duly read on her part which stems from her viewpoint. She and I can judiciously read the Bible without becoming ensnared and take metaphors at face value. But unbenowst to her is that the 65% take it seriously and give it full and face credibilness.

One other minor disparagement was on the topic of judgement. @Coriolis utilizes this term judiciously. I from an NF emotional view know that this term has been misaligned. That is why I utilize judicious discernment rather in lieu judgment.

One time I said ‘The Big Bang’ to me is only but hypothesis. If I took a test and the question asked was the universe formed by A. Big Bang B. God C. Other. I would of course select Bing Bang as the correct resoonse to this particular query asked.

I know too many theories that over the course of time have been upturned on their head, even Albert Einstein ideas in his own time. I know that there have been computer simulations done to explain The Big Bang as a viable Theory. For me the NF Emotive only what is by science methodology proved in the here and now term and also replicated do I give more full credibleness.” LightSun