I’m in dialogue with a masters class Behavior Coordinator and also an elder intuitive as akin to my own being. I ask her remember when I in a metaphorical joking manner said to you *Dianne (pseudonym), “To those above we close the doors. 65 % of SP, as well SJ up to and inclusive of unreasoned NT and NF. They still have unresolved issues to contend and grow up. It’s a maturity process.”

Every SJ (Serotonin) on the whole earth does not have SP (dopamine) and thus brain power akin to but a type 1950 computer’s in speed CPU (Brain power) against the next three contenders.

Modern day computers equivalents SP with JUST & only Spatial Intelligence, as well every NT along NF WITH Spatial Intelligence and Intuitive Insight.

I metaphorically term SJ as “mere checker players.” Every SJ on the planet they have higher than norm serotonin and all talk in this manner.

Stanza One: “I don’t feel competent to deal with the situation.
Stanza two: “You need to see a specialist.”
Stanza Three: “You need to take a drug test.”
Stanza four: “To see if your selling drugs on the street.”

Pseudo name, PA ‘Joan Ponce de Leon,’ thinks of SJ doctors and a certain fine lady Psy.D think “This skinny dweeb *Ph.D psychologist.* I call him Mr. I Prefer. It kept coming up, this *doctor* would say “I prefer.” has intelligence. Nope just average -every one of them.

Ask yourself these basic parameters of human intelligence.

Variable #1 Command of the English language.

Variable #2 Use of Professional tongue.
Variable #3 UItilize higher university vocabulary in verbiage.

I’m an elder Perceiver. My term I formulated which happens to have WPM or words per minute. Basically their tone is very flat like.

#4. My own term as an elder Intuitive I call (WPM) Words per minute. He doesn’t articulate as I did at a mere high school junior. His talks are flat.

WPM-lacks Pitch
WPM -lacks Tone
WPM- Lacks Flow of a higher vernacular usage of a greater linguistic tongue in his lack of vocabulary usage of the English vocabulary.

They have skills higher than my uneducated kid sister, Rn and PA. I personally on my own personal discovered RN, PA and get this surreal twilight Zone, my kid sister who’s uneducated like her elder brother. For God’s sake! A sister who is not remotely has the education of mine -more articulate than *MD psychiatrist* plus also too So called *PH.D of psychology*.

All of those listed sis, Rn and PA both do possess implausible as it appears as well sounds, all have heightened IQ and EQ. It’s almost surreally implausible. I told an Rn and PA, a physicians assistant and too an uneducated youngest of my siblings who communicates using reason bullseye insightfulness all who don’t have the pedigree talk with far greater aclarticulateness.

Yet many doctors level of pedigree of a less genotype “do not talk so well.” Look at supposedly doctoral level high academia’s for what a highly educated should have vernacular. RN, PA, kid sister 8 years younger than I articulate with a higher degree of vernacular verbiage like the spoken tongue of PA, “This is beyond my medical expertise.” have a higher IQ and EQ.

It fundamentally in seemingly apparent equates with genotype. My sister is not as educated as I am the elder of five siblings. YET, she has higher IQ plus EQ with the additive Spatial Intelligence and quite reasoned Insight than doctoral pedigree.

I worry about other SMI who have to endure sheerly incompetence, bully, ineptitude and so forth.

I’ll require empirical data. There has too be research in the area. My area is like yours the social sciences of psychology. It requires a major in the medical community doing a bell curve. It would be 4 Ph.D psychologists and 4 MD. Psychiatrists in SP, SJ, NT and NF.

Then rate 100 client or patient satisfaction in areas: Problem Solving, authoritarian or basically a paper pusher with MD. Psychiatrists. Insight and breakthrough with Psychologists.

Thank God I have academia, Psychology background, a High IQ, and am an elder intuitive INFP with first hand knowledge of the ineptness of the medical field in Ph.D Psychologists together along inept, paper pushing MD Psychiatrists.

Keep it equal for all I mentioned at our last refreshingly adult *(subjective* meeting) of two elder intuitive’s.

I. Professional Paul Johnson now working upon my own third diagnosis where I know statistically I need an NT or NF doctor with IQ and has a brain,

II. Behavior Coordinator, III. PA (Physicians Assistant), IV. Rn, VI. Psy.D. all for all intensive purposes equitable in the areas of:

1. Sensitivity 2. Shyness 3. Brain CPU 4. IQ 5. EQ. 6. Empathy 7. Emotional Intelligence 8. Interpersonal Intelligence giving us the edge in articulation of the vernacular language.

The brightest of the bright, geniuses and IQ are the NT plus NF pantheon of high estrogen NF or testosterone NT. I have a plan to get aide in the setting a web page NT or NF and they have to be reasoned. (I’ve crossed pathways with 24 unreasoned NT plus 24 unreasoned NF).” LightSun

The brightest of the bright: my male and female NT (testosterone) and male and female NF (estrogen) brothers and sisters are at the proverbial mercy of the dimmest of the dim (generally SJ (Serotonin with no spatial intelligence) and generally SP Just spatial intelligence).

I am talking about accredited doctors both the MD. Psychiatrists and Ph.D. Psychologists. Just because they’ve doctoral degrees does not guarantee great intelligence, being truly professional or mildly adept. I know generally NF make excellent Psy.D., Psychologists, Licensed and Marriage Family Counselors, Human Services, Case Workers, Behavior Coordinators, and Social Services professionals.

But if the most genetically gifted could get competent doctor care, maybe some of my gifted siblings could harness their gifts. I told my uneducated sister Linda, I will tell Rn and PA, welcome to the brain club for you are among the 17 1/2 NF with all the inherent gifts of

1. Intuitive Insights 2. Spatial Intelligence 3. Empathy 4. EQ 5. IQ (my sister plays the violin and piano) and

6. Emotional Intelligence. In addition the NF’s who got it right are metaphorically the sensitive souls and Angels in mortal flesh that graced the fields of men.” LightSun Peaceweaver (As I am a sensitive gentle man with a decent heart and Soul).

I’ll let Linda, my kid sister by 8 years, Rn and PA know, “Welcome to the brains upon this Mother Earth. If you are indeed an NF then you have as gifts 1. Intuitive Insights 2. Spatial Intelligence

3. Higher estrogen than your female counterparts SJ, SP, and NT corresponded with

4. Empathy 5. Emotional Intelligence and 6. EQ.

I use the gifts I have to help others. Intuitive’s make 35% of our population.

17 1/2% NF: My role models Sweet Helen Keller INFP, Gandhi INFP and Elenor Roosevelt INFP, The NF’s who got it right are the givers, sharers, facilitators and champion of the rights of others.

17 1/2 NT: male and female high testosterone compared with their counterparts. Albert Einstein NT, Stephen Hawkings NT.

We have as a society made progress due to intuitive Insights of the Rational NT’s. We though have not evolved in 2,500 years because the world is run by the 65% of the sensory population of SJ (Serotonin higher levels of) and SP (dopamine who have spatial intelligence) but never have an insight like the NT and NF.