Here is a playful side of Paul.

First my dad happened to possess Explosive Personality Disorder.!He was type A personality type.

He called my mother Wilsa Lydia Gonzalez nicknames like “Child and Sergeant.”

I’m a junior. Dad is Russian and he named me ‘Junie.’

This is how I would talk to my wife at his house.
Paul, “Hi honey bunny, cutie pie, sweetie pie, muffin you.”

Dad would bust out laughing saying, “Junie, Junie I don’t get you.”

Yeah dad. That’s now how you talk to your wife, my mother Wilsa Lydia Gonzalez. My mom died in a nursing home in 2008 and suffered Guilin Barre Syndrome.

I wish I was healed and knew my mother more as an adult.

My Beloved Spouse Quwahia pass’s into death 2010 (She lived in Brazil where they speak Portuguese) translates as butterfly. Raven (her Totem Animal Spiritual Guide) my Totems are Horse =Freedom and a Owl representing Wisdom.

YoungBear: @Quwahia Raven-YoungBear Whisperingfire was an elder adopted in the Florida Cherokee Nation, part Crow & part Blackfoot. I helped finesse her name to be more gentle akin Whisperingfire.

I wish I was a better husband to Quwahia. I was still healing honey. She had a Golden aura and touched all the people she came into contact in life. She was and always will be a bright shining light in my life. My years with her were the very best I had in life.

My spiritual name at one time Apollo )The Greek god of Inner Light) LightSun Peaceweaver (I am not a Peacekeeper, rather I help facilitate strengths I see in other people. My collegues-one and all!

My own father passed away due to an aneurism in late 2012.

I. I’m a B type of personality. I am quite gregarious in the public realm and professional setting. I am however an introvert. I don’t form close relationships. In fact my colleagues online are my predominant contact.

I’ve also met a ‘T’ )Thrill-Seeker) type anti-ethical chick Lori who did graduate as Psy.D. (She wanted to sleep with my wife and hated me).

*(I don’t fully agree with the test for to me it can be labeled by myself stereotypical as well prejudicial) Nonetheless on a St. Petersburg University form one can get 30 points either ‘Feminine or masculine traits.

II. I scored higher with high feminine characteristics plus female dominated trait. My wife Quwahia Raven-YoungBear Whisperingfire scored even.

Masculine traits: decisiveness, problem solving approach.

Feminine traits and characteristics: Many ‘C’ words akin the like ‘Cooperation and Communication.’

III. I have a higher than norm estrogen levels than my SJ, SP and NT male alter counterparts. This gives me Empathy, (brains as in) IQ., EQ. And Empathy.

There’s a lot of immoral dudes and dudettes among SJ as well SP.

Now there can be true gentlemen and ladies are true professionals among SJ’s as well too SP’s.

The NT May have what I call an inner compass and possess true moral principle. Yet NF male and NF female have the gift in Empathy.

A Soul Sister INFP Gloria, Soul Sister ENFJ psychologist Kathleen, Soul Sister Algernon, Masters in computer science, NF Soul Sister Elizabeth and phone colleague and Soul Sister INFJ Lanna Masters -Social work). There upon later got a Doctorate. She is 1% Mensa in her IQ.

I called Lanna once and said, “Lana what do I do go to the emergency room and ask for an estrogen test.” She laughed on the other side of the phone call via Canada. I am deeply humbled by the accord she graced upon my own being. I am graciously awed and humbled. She revealed many intimate parts of her own life because of the trust we shared.

I am in awe that I was there for her in a time of apparent need. Lanna my esteemed Sister revealed that on particular Christmas she was on the verge of suicide and that in her words, “My sensitive, humbled softer voice saved her from making such a fateful ending.

IV. I am Paul Johnson, courteous, gentleman plus polite for all intensive interaction.

It took me a lifetime to reach this juncture in maturity. {{(With no sickened arrogance nor false ego in pride)}} I am not intimidated by titles nor any pedigree. I am in a humble way ‘self assured’ and Confident in my giftedness to deal with any adverse scene and even remote scenario.

I have the intellect of an 8,000 matriarch of a female herd, who will guard a calf utmost. (*I do not come close to the dinosaur Intelligence of Sir (Albert) Einstein.

V. Now accessing my Genotype, I am mom’s son Paul Jr. I take her genotype. My masculine qualities are from mi mama, Wilsa Lydia Gonzalez. My mom’s great to ad infinitum grandfather originates in Castile, Hispania.

Historical specialization; I know Castile and Leon of Fernidad and Isabella who financed Christopher Columbus travel to what was called the new world.

My Russian dad had tan hair, was of medium height and had a normal soft in speech vocal range.

This is the kidder. (I am Doctorate INFP. And (I need plus require a specific genotype) *(A Masters NT coming from *ENTJ dad’s genotype plus bloodline)

Steve my young kid brother is a moral outrage. I respected his level head. From my kid sis, he keeps that head for his personal reason. He has no Empathy, Emotional understanding and is downright insensitive. He teases one of my sister Linda’s daughters and makes her cry. (Just like dad).

I played him chess, that Masters level arrogant kid brother donkey Steven Kent Johnson. You’re not my match as dad playing chess.

Puerto Rican elder (3) brothers tower above his own height. Steve’s not a short man. He is shorter by far than his elder Puerto Rican elder brothers.

I have conciseness in my detail. Mike is the most Hispanic. I am 6’1 1/4” while Mike is 6’ 1/2” Mike has dark midnight hair coloring. Vocal range I -LightSun have a bass voice like Mike plus younger than me David.

My (Russian) father had a ‘normal’ soft - like voice. Steve has quite matter of fact a very wimpy voice. Steve is all Russian with tan hair color. Even my so called very masculine quality stem via mi mama.