I will share the gifts of siblings that are younger than myself. We’re ranked oldest to the youngest my kid sister Linda Johnson.

We the siblings are ranked left to right-side in order of sequence by our birth years. Me (the eldest) of five: I creatively written down lyrics (Biblical: where I nailed it, peaks and valleys due to a wide vocal range.

I once in a lobby at a medical center (confidential) sung in the med center lobby. A man that utilized some seeing eye dog said, “Maybe we’ll sing one of your songs.” I replied I was being merely creative with my gift. He did invite myself to a glee club at a country club across from my very lanai.

At a juncture I sang a simple ballad to a PA for creative reasoning and expression of my giftedness. You, a Behavior Coordinator said I sounded akin Elvis Presley. Yes, I can sing alike a sexy Elvis Presley due to my genotype.

Mike is two years junior. My younger brother David (5 years junior to me) plays both Violin and Trumpet. Steven ( A junior to me by seven year to me, his eldest brother) can play a Guitar. Linda (Youngest of us Five, I am elder 8 year), “Mi hermana en espanol is, “muy Bonita and es Linda.

Translating Spanish, “My sister Linda is very pretty. She’s beautiful. Linda (INFP) playing Clarinet and Piano.

‘Song and Lyrics by Paul Johnson’

“There’s a mountain top
But don’t go there
There’s a Golden Ridge and there’s a raft

Come on everybody
Come on sister
Come on brother
Mother, father too

Get on that river raft
That river raft of peace
We’re going down, down, down, down this mountain
Hold on tight everybody
There’s a white river, white river, white river rapids fast approaching

Hold on sister, hold on brother
Hold on baby, hold on doll
We’re going down, down, down, down into the peace of the valley
Peace and tranquility

Don’t you know I got a heart
I got a Golden Soul
Hear that melody
Hear that melody
Hear that Golden Melody too

You can hear that melody
But you got to dig, dig, dig deep down
Till you touch your Heart
Touch your Soul
Then you can hear that melody
That sweet melody
That’s in each and every one of your very own soul.”

Lyrics and Sung By Apollo LightSun Peaceweaver