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    Default Gambling Addicts

    How can one heal from gambling addiction, if it is not a physical entity, rather a psychological epidemic? Further more, would gambling be leaked to cell phone usage, video games, TV, and etc...? If this new age epidemic is truly a mental state of illness, then how can it be cured?
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    G.A, if you are looking for suggestions

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    I am an ex gambler. I've been playing on different online casino's like poker deposit pulsa for many years. I was really addicted and couldn't quit playing. The only thing that helped me to get rid of this is a psychologist. It is a real psychological problem. The addicted person need a lot of counselling and support.

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    I think one of the best defenses is simply to understand your average losses. Instead of thinking about it in terms of "I might win, I might lose" think more in terms of "I'm expected to lose" and then determine what that expected loss is.

    For example, say you're playing slot machines. A rough estimate of your expected loss is something like this:

    - RTP is approximately 90% which means a 10% loss on all bets
    - there might say, 10 bets placed per minute on average (could be higher)
    - so you lose 10% ten times per minute, which is a loss of one bet

    So for $1 bets you lose $1 a minute which is $60 an hour. For $5 bets you lose $5 a minute which is $300 an hour.

    So, while you may be way higher or lower than the predicted amount by the end of the session, that's the average, and you can consider that as being: how much you're paying to play.

    I think most people aren't aware of how much they're paying to play, so they're surprised when their losses get really high and think they had a losing streak, when they may well have been on a winning streak technically speaking.

    Games like poker are different, because there's skill involved. You can calculate average losses by considering number of hands played, average pot size and rake amount; but a good player will still make a profit, and a bad player will lose a higher amount.

    You can look at it empirically too and simply tally up your losses and divide by the number of sessions/time played to get an estimate on how much you're likely to lose.

    In general, just be aware of what you're doing.

    (There are many other things to take into account when considering an addiction such as this, but I haven't given the matter due contemplation)
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    Here's an analysis in terms of the Jungian hierarchy of the unconscious that I've thought about previously.

    I'll start be outlining what I mean by the archetypes. I consider them as stages of consciousness, states of mind, that tend to move up and down from stage to stage.

    Stage 1: the ego. This is basically being focused on one's own identity, as separate from the world.
    Stage 2: the shadow. This is basically things which cause stress, and critique the ego.
    Stage 3: the anima/animus. This is basically things that inspire you, things you're passionate about. A romantic partner is just a key example.
    Stage 4: the wise old man/woman. This is basically things that give you a sense of greatness and master. Acknowledgment for a job well done.

    Now, this will differ from person to person because people relate to the stages differently due to development etc. but this set-up may be typical.

    Entrance point: Stage 3. You have a longing to play the pokies, and when arriving to play feel inspired, with a sense of "let's have a good time and get a win!"

    Good outcome: Stage 4. Perhaps you get a good win pretty quickly. You're way ahead. You feel confident. Maybe you play a little bit longer to wrap things up, but you leave with a win. You get your winnings and leave feeling like a boss.

    Bad outcome: Stage 2. Perhaps you've been playing, but you're not getting the win. Frustration kicks in. You're getting angry, "why won't you give me the feature?!", fearful, "oh no I'm losing it all!". This is the time to call it quits and cut your losses, because if you keep playing...

    Stage 1: the ego kicks in. The ego feels prideful. It doesn't want to lose, it wants to win. It will feed more and more into the machine until it gets that win. It won't consider the bigger picture, because it's a low form. You'll be stubbornly trying to beat a losing game. Not good.

    Better to leave at Stage 2 and do the walk of shame, than to leave at Stage 1 once your cash has gone up in flames.
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