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    Hmmm... the way you've written this leads me to: group A consists of very close family and friends, people you appreciate, and group B...frankly, they don't seem to appreciate you much (perhaps), and certainly you don't seem to appreciate them and, in fact, you seem to disdain them.
    Can't wait to find out how you distinguish them...

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    A=Very close friends and family.

    B=People you know but aren't friends and family.

    I put family in both categories, because I have member's in my family I can talk to about anything but then I'm intimidated by others. It depends on the situation. I could be wrong you could either be totally intimidated by you family or feel totally supported by them. Or you could be intimidated by close friends because you don't want them to think less of you, and everyone else you don't care enough about to censor yourself around.

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    a= people you like
    b = people you can't

    I WIN!
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    My wife is an INFJ, and the people she has most trouble being around are ESTJ and ISTJ. The people she has the easiest time getting along with are ENTP and ESTP.

    So I guess
    A = People who are easy going, enthusiastic and like to have fun, but also fairly stable and logical.

    B = People who are responsible and tradition oriented, but put work at such a priority that they are insensitive to many of the people around them.
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    Group A - people you have become comfortable around over an extended period of time

    Group B - people you feel threatened by (even if you aren't conciously aware of it)
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    I would say that group A is people who are close to you and who care about you and group B are the opposite. Group A sound more emotionally intelligent than group B.

    Not enough information to make anymore judgements about them.

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