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    When it comes to motivation, the way it works for me is what do I want? Once I figure that out how do I go about getting it? I then deconstruct backwards from the large goal to an immediate action I can take to improve my situation toward that goal. For example I don't want to work at a low level job forever. In order to get that goal I have to figure out what I can do to better my situation, get a high level job, or even better work for myself. I need money in order to do this, in order to get money I need skills that people will pay me for, in order to get skills for which people will pay me for I need to be educated, in order to be educated I need to get life experience or go to school. Since it is easier to get life experience after going to school, because you are more likely to get hired, I have decided to go back to school to finish my degree and get some more degrees actually. In order to go back to school, I need to make sure my finances are in order so I can quit my job when I go back without having to worry about money, one of the chief reasons I didn't graduate the first time, in order to get my finances in order I need to be more frugal and make do with less. In order to make do with less I need to be more careful and prioritize what it is I truly need as opposed to what I want. So my steps currently are to get my finances in order and watch what I spend until January when I am enrolled. In the meantime I am going to need to get enough financial aid that I can live without a job for a while and get the loans I have in deferment until I graduate.

    That is an example of how my motivation works.
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    Find your passion in life, learn how to make huge amounts of money doing it and there you have it...MOTIVATION.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JivinJeffJones View Post
    I've been thinking about this for a while now. I have no motivation to do anything at the moment. Anything at all. Even eating is an effort. Everything just seems to be too much bother for no compelling purpose. Even basic hygiene is something I have to consciously remind myself of these days. 5 year goal? Forget it. I'm still working on 5 hour goals. I'm particularly deficient in motivation right now, but it's something I've always struggled with. It's long since ceased to amaze me how much people can accomplish with limited resources and a lot of ambition. Yet ambition seems to me to be something you're either born with or born without.

    Any tips or thoughts on the subject?
    Sounds like you may be a little depressed. Not sad and emotional depressed, but that, "what's the point?" attitude. I would try to focus on alleviating the depression first. My usual depression prescription is to plan something really fun. That might snap you out of it. Is it normal for you do have the lack of motivation or just a right now thing?
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