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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    Ah, yes. I forgot. Following a wall of instructions/questions without deviation is original.

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    I am supposedly "a ball-buster", intense, blunt, stubborn, insightful, demure, private.
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    Intense, creative, curious, adaptable, analytical, patient, rebellious.
    As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.
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    I'm a fairly serious-minded, thoughtful person described by family and intimates as patient, responsible, cautious, adventurous, aloof, and caring. I can be playful and witty, though my humor is typically somewhat impish and immature - and hide my gullibility behind a tendency to overthink and hesitancy to act without careful planning and consideration. I take my family obligations to parents, grandparents, and younger siblings very seriously, and for much of my younger life at the expense of my own needs. In adulthood, this has shifted to my career and significant others and their children or families, though I have been actively working on balancing these roles over the past few years. At my emotional core, I am a very curious person: I have an innate desire to continue learning about myself, the people that I am close to, and the webwork of ideas that I am both disentangling myself from and repeatedly diving into again and again. Freedom to act and think, emotional expression, and developing my own or others' potential are values that closely reflect my upbringing and personality.

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    This thread is interesting.

    May be in describing themselves, they always mix the theoretical description and the actual person. It may have been suspected that A person may want to conform to a specific personality types. So the thread starter start this thread.

    This is my personal judgement. I judge myself.
    I judge myself a curious person. I like to do research on my topics I am interested in: math (when I was a Kid). Recently, there are many math forum on the net. some Math lecture is also available for free on Youtube, there are also e-book that can be downloaded for free, I have the opportunity to further pursue my interest in mathematics. I also read Psychology, spirituality, some mythology, jungian psychology (since 2014). When I was in elementary school, the internet cafe wasn't yet popular and. I remember I found myself copying an ancient writing: Devanagari, an ancient india character, an egyptian hyeroglyph, and an ancient mesopotamian character, without any assignment from teacher. I did not research it on the net, I had not been introduced to internet yet. The most popular search engine: google hadn't been launched either. I did research from a book.
    I judge myself quite artistic. I have won a local photography competition once. in my leisure time , In the past, I used to do origami, a japanese art of paperfolding, make sclupture with a plasticine, and also draw.
    I judge myself loves to play. When I was a kid, I used to play with action figure, and often realize myself talked alone. When playing, it is I who speak but it is as if the action figure was speaking. Since I was A kid I was already introduced to Game Watch and In high school until university, I used to play video game : playstation, PC games.
    I used to play a toy instrument also: a keyboard.

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