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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric B View Post
    I don't know if this has been asked anywhere, but is it possible to change the control keys on the games?
    I just cannot play using the arrows. On my MAME games, I can change the settings, and I usually use N/M as left/right, and A/Z as up/down. Anyway to do this on this arcade?
    Nope, they're all separate Flash apps, and not emulators. If it doesn't have in-game control setting, you're stuck with what you're given. You'd have to use a separate keyboard remapper utility. Try Dev-Labs' Keyboard Remapper Home Page

    And MAME ftw, btw. I've got the full ROM set. Emulators are a beautiful thing.
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    (though those remapper programs don't seem to go up to Windows XP. I know that the PC's we had in an office in my last job already had a utility where you could remap the keys. I'll have to see if my computers might have that somewhere. It doesn't seem to be in the control panel keyboard setting).
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