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    Default Challenge 2, Season 1, Submission Thread

    Please post your entries for the Rap challenge in this thread.

    Another thing, do not post comments until all four teams have submitted their raps. If you do. . . I'll delete it.

    "The only time I'm wrong is when I'm questioning myself."

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    BlackTeamCityRap Lyrics by Night


    J is the loneliest number.
    A number? No.
    A switchblade? Yes.
    Linear logic stabbed clean through your chest.


    Cleanliness, Godliness, emotional piety:
    On an spiritual ascension
    Towards celestial solemnity.


    Cloves, poems and Advanced D&D -
    You'd be hard pressed to find,
    A dull NFP.

    Jennifer, Scantily, Heart and Care-bear
    Benevolence online
    Or at a Ren faire

    Poetry, drama, theatre, dance...
    Why such an obsession
    With fig-ura-tive romance?


    Smarter than a speeding bullet;
    Bigger biceps than a Phd!
    The SJ will overwhelm you
    With their rules and authority!

    SJ -

    Security guard, meter maid or management retail,
    His genius is everywhere, he even invented braille.
    Yet, the SJ's strongest talent - his greatest specialty
    Is certainly best realized,
    In the explication of detail - oft' incessantly.

    That isn't to suggest that he isn't without value,
    Indeed his efforts rock,
    Why, without him our world would be without many things:
    Electricity, Survivor or Iraq.


    Rambo, Grayscale, Rhinosaur and Fezzik;
    SPs are everywhere - and always double quick.
    I warn you:
    If you scrap with an SP, it's your ass that will be kicked-
    Bloody...weeping -
    Trying to unstab the once-hidden ice pick.

    Special Forces, mechanic, simple scientist,
    The lesson learned is this:
    An SP's mind is best at work
    When his work is with his fists.
    Time is a delicate mistress.

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    [youtube=](MBTI) Types, Types, Baby[/youtube]

    (MBTI) Types, Types, Baby


    The BLUE Team

    Types, types, baby (x2)
    All right Stop, moderate, and don't LISTEN
    Blue team here and we about to start DISSIN'
    Forum grabs a hold of you tightly
    Monitors glowin' daily and nightly
    WILL UBER EVER LEAVE, yo, I don't know
    When I get my way, to the Graveyard he'll go.

    To the extreme, we rock the Net like Kobe,
    Light up the boards, cut you up like Shenobi.

    JEN, go and post another facial
    Lateralus upset 'cause we gettin' kinda racial
    BLUEWING, your posts are a felony
    Not buyin' the book you're tryin' to sell me.
    Love it or leave it you better not POST
    You bound to get smacked by CTG's ghost.
    If you got a type beef, yo, we'll solve it
    Check out the thread before Zerg dissolves it.

    Type, types baby
    Types types baby
    Types types Baby
    types types Baby (x4)

    Now that the forum is JUMPING
    With Uber kicked out and the threads are PUMPIN'
    Quick to the post without no FLUFFIN'
    Debating NFs like MaC GUFFIN'.
    Burning them, if you ain't quick and nimble
    I'll post crazy like a stock-tick symbol
    And I'll quote you, and insult you,
    Change your words and I'll report you.
    POSTIN' in the Down Below
    Won't help girl if you's a post ho'
    The n00bs on stand by waiting just to say hi
    I NEVER STOP, yo I'm too fly
    I Kept on. . . pursuing types like mine
    See Uber's thread about sodas with lemon-lime
    The thread was dead, yo,
    so I decided to update my

    Es in pics wearing less than bikinis
    Beat posting fail pics cause he's a big weenie
    JEALOUS our posts is so sublime
    SILENTLYHONEST, shut up one time
    READING corny posts from the chumps in the Yard,
    The chumps acting ill cuz the madmins so HARD.
    Sittin', so long there's a funky smell,
    Jennifer's blog is straight outta hell.

    FAILING in the joke threads real fast,
    Blue Team arrives to torch some ass.
    Channels to Commune, the boards be packed,
    Ready to pounce, all the noobs get smacked!
    CTG ON THE SCENE, so fresh and clean
    They passed her up but confronted all the dope fiends
    If there was a problem, Ivy'll solve it,
    You bring a lady and Wolf'll repluse it.

    Mercury, the young punk SJ
    He rocks the bells from Philly, PA
    The lyrical surgeon, sweet extroversion
    He gots the ladies, and Wolf's just a virgin
    The kid doesn't think but feeeeeeeeeels
    Not an NF but still has ideaaaaaals

    His style's original
    like the KFC recipe,
    Rocking the new shit an MBTI necessity.
    Debate him, he'll make your wife a widow,
    Coming incorrect, you get sliced like Kiddo.
    Blue Team, make others say Damn!
    If typology was a drug, we'd sniff it by the gram.
    Keeping posts pithy, even when we're loose,
    We're #1, and your team's a deuce.

    If there was a type beef, yo, we'll solve it,
    Check out the thread before Zergling dissolves it


    Let's get out of here
    Word to INTJMom

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    The Green Team presents "n00b" by Green Eminem!

    (Based on "Stan" by Eminem)


    My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I..
    logged on today at all
    The morning rain clouds up my window..
    and I can't see at all
    And even if I could it'd all be gray,
    but your icon on my screen
    It reminds me, that it's not so bad,
    it's not so bad..

    Dear Blue, I wrote but you still ain't postin
    I left two questions and a smiley on this thread I'm hostin'
    I repped you for your boastin' so I know you know somethin'
    There probably was a problem with speed the server goes on
    Sometimes my reps are too incoherent when I post 'em
    I know you probably hear this everyday, but I'm your biggest fan
    I read an entire paragraph today and I almost understand,
    I don't even think you're pretentious, far from it, man.
    I liked your theory concerning the relationship between Extraverted Intuition and Megalomania
    That shit was phat.
    Anyways, I hope you see this man, hit me back, just to chat.
    Introduction, page two:
    This is n00b


    BlueWing, I relate to what you think and intuit
    So I log on to your account, just by hacking into it
    Memorizin' your profile helps when I'm inside it
    I even got a tattoo of your avatar under my eyelid
    Sometimes I even cut myself just to experience Se
    It's my Trickster, you see, cause I'm an INFP
    Had to visit your moms, dressed like five oh cause you won't talk you see
    Well screw the three bears cause your bed felt just right to me
    You gotta rep me man, no one else will see
    Sincerely yours, n00b. P.S. Will you marry me?


    Dear Mister-Im-Too-Good-To-Put-The-Little-Smiley-Happy-Waving-Hi-Hi-Guy
    This is the last message you'll see from me before I die
    It's been an hour or so and still no word; dont I deserve it?
    So I dress my pillows as you,
    That doesn't make me perverted.
    So this is my message I'm sending you, I hope you heard it
    I'm jumping off a bridge right now, writing on a laptop
    I hope you know this is all your fault, you coulda stopped it
    Oh wait, I didn't bring a mouse, how am I supposed to press submit?

    Dear n00b, I would write you sooner but you're such a nothing 'round here.
    I've seen you around, troll-fluffing the air
    Look, Im really flattered you wanted me to return your affection
    But in all honesty, I didn't get the connection.
    And what you think about my posts, who cares? I knew it.
    Hearing INFP views? I'd sooner laugh at Jon Stewart.
    c'mon - how screwed up is you? Im glad I inspire you, but n00b,
    You're a total boob, go smoke a doob, cause not much rhymes with n00b.
    I'm just scared that you want to abuse me
    Unrelated of course I saw some news that confused me
    Some crazy dude with a laptop jumped off the Dupont
    He was on a forum, writing up a response.
    And in the reply they found a name, but they didn't know who it was to
    Come to think about it, his name was.... it I've lost it, I've completely forgotten it now, something menial like Phil or Dustan.
    Oh well, all the best.
    Hugs and kisses,
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    Thanks for making me waste my time, Red team. Ya bunch of freak'n donkey's.

    Anyway. . . Let the voting and commentary begin without the bloods.
    "The only time I'm wrong is when I'm questioning myself."

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    do we get a poll?
    INFP 4w5
    The pain won't let me get away.

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    I'm afraid to watch those videos.

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    Note to self: never start a "We've already won" thread until we've at least already submitted an entry. I'd still like to see what the red team put together, though. We can comment on it even if we can't vote for it.

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    Blue took this one.
    Purely Awesome.
    INFP 4w5
    The pain won't let me get away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haight View Post
    Thanks for making me waste my time, Red team. Ya bunch of freak'n donkey's.

    Anyway. . . Let the voting and commentary begin without the bloods.
    They didn't have one?

    I guess we'll need a poll, then.

    Blue's rap kicks all KINDS of bootay. Brilliant and hilarious lyrics and NPG is a Master MC!

    Great work by all!
    Something Witty

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