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    Default Red Team's submission

    I'm posting in place of our team leader Trin...

    May I present to you:

    The Daily Grind
    A personality inventory to describe your work style

    You can take the test and find out about "The Daily Grind" on the site.
    The Daily Grind - A Personality Inventory to Describe Your Work Style

    Just to emphasize that we created this inventory to address existing problems with the MBTI system and FFM. There is no best-fit types, yet we still have reference profiles. (See Introduction for more details)

    Flawless delivery if I may say so myself. Nice to see everybody's entries. Good luck to all.


    Since Blue team decided to post their calculation algorithm... here's ours.

    Each question is allotted 5 choices. Rank scored from 0-5 depending on the question.

    3 axes (Social/Individualistic, Sprint/Stamina, Build/Discover)

    Percentage score for Social axis = (sum of all Social scores - sum of all Individualistic scores) / total Social & Individualistic scores X 100%
    Percentage score for Individualistic axis = 100% - Social axis percentage

    Repeat for Sprint/Stamina and Build/Discover axes

    Profile scoring
    For each type, multiple all axis label percentages together.

    Administrator (Social, Stamina, Build) = % Social * % Stamina * % Build

    Again, there is no best-fit types. Your individual profile is a combination of these profiles.
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    Where are the rest of the entries?

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
    Robot Fusion
    "As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance." John Wheeler
    "[A] scientist looking at nonscientific problems is just as dumb as the next guy." Richard Feynman
    "[P]etabytes of [] data is not the same thing as understanding emergent mechanisms and structures." Jim Crutchfield

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    Nice work, Blue and Red! We kinda ran out of time to put ours up on a quiz site.

    Fun quizzes by the way. much smoke pouring out of each chromosome.

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    Our Personality Type Indicator is a lifestyle based lettering system that equates a person to a mode of transportation that they can relate to. The Simple Break-Down of type is as follows:

    A - Aggressives, I - Integrates, W - Withdrawns
    V - Visionaries, R - Realists
    P - Planning, L - Living

    These possibilities break down as follows:

    A - Leader, Headstrong, Forward.
    Aggressives are people that take charge. They don't like to wait, either for people or time, and their patience is thin in comparison to the other types. They tend to look ahead, and try to make things happen to benefit them the most rather than waiting for opportunity. Natural leaders, there is a sense of no-nonsense to them.

    I - Normal, Easy-going, Agreeable.
    Integrates are those who love to be with their good friends or family and consider themselves equals in a group. Their take-charge attitude comes when necessary, but for the most part, they take life as it comes to them. They don't mind waiting for opportunity to strike, and are comfortable in their everyday activities and enjoying life more in the moment, and following when someone beneficial is leading.

    W - Loner, Nonconformist, Independent.
    Withdrawn people interact with life sporadically. They're hesitant to take charge, or to jump at opportunities. They try to make their own path in life, and seem to shy away from the 'social norm' style of doing things. They often struggle with running against the current. Moving to the beat of their own drum, they shudder at the thought of living the life they haven't decided for themselves.

    V - Creative, Dreamy, Comforting.
    Visionary people create a sense of walking on clouds for themselves and others. In touch and grounded with thoughts and ideas, they take flight mentally and can definitely see ahead and play with thoughts of fantasy.

    R - Grounded, Stable, Comfortable.
    Realists are the "no bullshit" type. They have a focus and sense of security in the world as it is, and are usually reliable. Partial to practicality, they may not be the most politically correct, but they are trustworthy.

    P - Future-focused, Determined, Hard-Working.
    Planners delve into the steps beyond the current one. Sometimes overlooking smaller details, they are rock-steady on what they set for themselves. Goal-oriented, they feel most comfortable when things are functionally planned out and effective at executing said plans.

    L - Spontaneous, Fun-Loving, Smiling.
    Living types may not know exactly what they're going to be doing, but they definitely know how to live in the moment. They enjoy life for what it throws at them, and flex and bend as necessary. They take the future as a challenge to be faced when it arrives, and work with what they've got until it does.

    These different letters turn into 12 possible combinations each cooresponding to a mode of transportation:

    AVP spaceship
    AVL hovercraft
    ARP Helicopter
    ARL Yacht
    IVP Tesla
    IVL The Classic Car
    IRP Ford Escape
    IRL Motorcycle
    WVP Solar powered jetpack
    WVL Hot air balloon
    WRP Golf Cart
    WRL Hang Glider

    These different possibilities break down into details as follows:

    AVP - Leader, Creative, Determined.

    A visionary aggressive planner suits the leadership role well. An aggressive take-charge attitude and a motivated seeking personality, they can plan and look ahead at what could be, and envision a bright future and strive for what they set infront of themselves. Sometimes AVPs can be overwhelming for others, being more vivacious in their efforts. AVPs can overlook the small details in life and miss the smaller aspects since their eyes are alway set forward on the road ahead. AVPs can be disheartened by deviations in their plan, and dislike their visions to be invalidated by more realistic goals as they feel that would be 'settling'. AVPs don't settle well.

    It is for this reason, an aggressive vision determined to happen, that the AVP is deemed the Spaceship.

    AVL - Headstrong, Dreamy, Spontaneous.

    The take-charge attitude of aggressives comes out in a light-hearted way with AVLs. Valuing life as it comes toward them, they're most likely to innitiate spontaneous trips or ideas, and actively persue everything life has to offer them. They tend to try grasping their fun, creative thoughts and making them reality. AVLs are likely to look over details and let life roll off of their back like water.

    This aggressive visionary valuing the moment, that AVLs are deemed The Hovercraft.

    ARP - Forward, Grounded, Hard-working.

    ARPs take a simmered down tone of the aggressive. They are motivated to strive for the tasks they set for themselves, but lack the intense drive associated with aggressives. This allows ARPs to to slow down, look over details, and take other influences into account before taking action. Reliable and focused, if they set a goal for themselves they will strive to reach it, but are slower to make goals as they factor in many things before deciding. ARPs have a rock-steady work ethic when they do make goals for themselves.

    For their forward, grounded approach to their work, ARPs are deemed the Helicopter.

    ARL - Leader, Comfortable, Smiling.

    ARLs tend to have leadership capabilities within them, with a healthy dose of realism and life to ground more outrageous ideas. The least goal-oriented of the As, ARLs seem to take charge as they see fit and practical to do so. They comfortably focus on practicality while taking in how they want to live life now as well. Confident in their ability to handle the future based on today's decisions, they aren't so hesitant to make a decision final in the moment and stick with it.

    A comfortable, smiling leader lands the ARL the status: Yacht.

    IVP - Normal, Comforting, Hard-Working.

    IVPs tend to be the type to look into the future and have a wonderful plan set out to get there. Their thoughts of the future, unlike aggressives, tend to be focused on what they already have and tend to include friends, family opinions, and/or other people equal to them in life. There is a sense of comfort from IVPs, and people feel at-ease coming to IVPs for advise and concerns. IVPs have a unique combination of being a hard-working planner and a visionary, making them perhaps the most aggressive of the Integrates.

    A sense of normalcy and comfort with hard-work deems IVPs the Tesla.

    IVL - Easy-going, Creative, Fun-Loving

    IVL are likely the most accepting of types. They live in the moment and prefer to be around good friends and create new and exciting ideas for activity. When they are not with their close ones they can be found alone fantasizing about a more perfect world. IVLs tend to have problems getting down to work. They are not natural planners and would rather spend time exploring their creativity with artwork, poetry, or theoretical ideas. Anything is possible for the IVL.

    It is for the IVL's pronounced idealism and want for fun that they are represented by the Classic Car.

    IRP - Normal, Stable, Hard-working

    IRPs prefer to get things done. They have a strong value for their family. IRPs don't like to mess around, it is work before play for them. This is one of the most reliable types, if an IRP makes a promise they will surely follow through with it if they are able. They are not usually the confrontational type, but if you get in their way, they will not take to it kindly. They are likely quite blunt and to the point. Those with a strong Living preference may find the dutiful lifestyle of the IRP to be a bit boring. When the IRP is in a relaxed mood they can be very friendly and quite warm.

    Their hard working and efficient personality grants the IRP the Ford Escape.

    IRL (No Pun Intended) - Agreeable, Stable, Fun-Loving.

    IRLs aren't very take-charge people, and do rather well in a helping position. They make realistic expectations for themselves and others, and sometimes underestimate their own potential. Realistic expectations and a personality that works well in groups gives this type plenty of wiggle room for living life and having fun.

    A pretty relaxed personality that gets along well with others with just enough stability for functioning makes IRLs The Motorcycle.

    WVP - Nonconformist, Dreamy, Future-focused.

    Withdrawn by nature, WVPs hesitate to take charge with people around them, but are active in their own life. They tend to dislike the paths 'everyone else' takes in life, and visionary, planning aspects give this type the ability to see themselves in a totally different light in the future. They may ignore and tend to be apprehensive to suggestion or influence by others into their life, as this would disrupt their own plans. If WVPs don't have direction, they tend to drift through life confused. Luckily, they're pretty good at executing their plans.

    A nonconformist, dreamy futuristic person could only be deemed The Solar-Powered Jetpack.

    WVL - Loner, Creative, Smiling.

    WVLs are juust fine on their own. Creative with a love of life and living it, WVLs get along with people typically, but tend to stick it out on their own anyways. Probably the most hestitant type to take charge. They shy from extreme competitiveness and signs of disagreement, as this would greatly impede the fun they're currently having. They may have trouble taking people seriously.

    A creative, smiling loner has been deemed The Hot Air Balloon.

    WRP - Independent, Grounded, Determined.

    Probably the most aggressive of the Withdrawn types, WRPs have a strong independent streak. They're very partial to practicality, and are determined in what they want out of life. What sets them apart from Aggressives is their lack of diplomacy. WRPs don't always see a need to be politically correct, nor do they work 'within the system' to get what they want out of life. Rather, they can be hard-headed and use their own planned-out path. They are also the most reliable of the Withdrawn types, and will hand you the truth on a silver platter and tend to not see a point in lying to people.

    Practicality with determination in a grounded person awards WRPs The Golf Cart.

    WRL - Nonconformist, Comfortable, Spontaneous

    WRLs live life sporadically. They have realistic expectations, but often set original plans or reasoning aside if they see something different, exciting, or new infront of them. WRLs get along decently with people, but definitely move to the beat of their own drum. Living life doesn't leave much time for drama and wet blankets for WRLs, so they tend to avoid anything that's going to slow them down, making them not the most reliable friends but probably one of the funnest friends. Their realistic thinking gives them just enough dirt under their shoes to be comfortable in life.

    A quirky, comfortable person with spontaneous traits lands WRLs The Hang Glider.


    1)How do you act when in a group?
    I like to direct their energy into something fun or useful (+A)
    I just like to go with the flow(+I)
    I usually get quiet if there are too many people I don't know(+W)

    2)You are part of a group project...
    I take the lead and make sure everything is done correctly.(+A)
    I'll help where I can and volunteer for something.(+I)
    I wait to be assigned something and do my part.(+W)

    3)You have to watch a large group of kids. What do you do?
    I organize all of them into teams to play a sport.(+A)
    I play with a few of them but keep an eye out for the rest.(+I)
    I let them do as they want and make sure none of them leave my sight.(+W)

    4)You see someone shoplifting in your favorite store. What do you do?
    Confront them (+A)
    Tell an employee(+I)
    Let it go. It wasn't anything major.(+W)

    5)One of your friends is yelling at their girlfriend and makes her cry.
    Tell him off. They have no right to do that.(+A)
    Try to explain that he is overreacting.(+I)
    Don't get too involved. It's none of your business.(+W)

    6)What describes you best?
    Strong willed(+A)
    Supportive and adjusting.(+I)
    Private and self contained.(+W)

    1)When you are alone what do you usually think about?
    I usually think about events in my life, past or future.(+R)
    I spend a lot of time thinking about my fantasies or new ideas.(+V)

    2)How do you dress?
    I usually dress conservatively or follow trends.(+R)
    I'm always trying to come up with something new that sticks out.(+V)

    3)How do most of your friends see you?
    Pragmatic or down to earth(+R)
    Unfocused or head in the clouds(+V)

    4)When you go to a restaurant, you...
    find comfort in a few of the same dishes.(+R)
    always try something new.(+V)

    5)Do you often ponder the meaning of life?
    I'm usually too busy doing something else.(+R)
    I have a few ideas of what that might be.(+V)

    6)Which do you take more pride in?
    a job well done(+R)
    an original creation(+V)

    1)Do you procrastinate?
    I fight it off as often as possible(+P)
    It's my middle name(+L)

    2)Which describes your actions better?
    work before play(+P)
    play before work(+L)

    3)What will you be doing in the next week?
    let me check my schedule(+P)
    hell if I know(+L)

    4)You just won one million dollars. What do you do?
    Buy a couple small things, but invest a large majority of it.(+P)
    Throw a huge party, buy my dream car, and go on a long vacation.(+L)

    5)When you go on vacation you...
    try to plan everything in advance(+P)
    look at everything you could do, but don't decide until you get there(+L)

    6)Your best friend won two free tickets to see your favorite band tomorrow, but you have a test. What do you do?
    Take the test. It's too important and I can't make it up.(+P)
    Go see the band. So what if my grade drops a letter.(+L)

    EDIT: I was having trouble with my Internet and couldn't post it sooner.

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    Black and Green for the win.

    Red has a dedicated site? Wow. Classy.

    Great job, Blue.

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    Blue's questions confused me a little and I scored too many possible results with Green's test (although I did like it) so I'd have to say, besides the pure awesomeness that is Red team, I liked Black's questions and results the best.

    Cool stuff all round guys

    Why no yellow?

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    Dear madminz

    Could we please have a poll for this challenge soonish? ygolo started a thread for people to take all 4 tests and it would be kinda nice to link the poll to his thread.

    thank you much smoke pouring out of each chromosome.

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    Whoa. Cool.

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    If Black and Green want their tests put on HelloQuizzy, I could do it for them-- some time next week.

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
    Robot Fusion
    "As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance." John Wheeler
    "[A] scientist looking at nonscientific problems is just as dumb as the next guy." Richard Feynman
    "[P]etabytes of [] data is not the same thing as understanding emergent mechanisms and structures." Jim Crutchfield

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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    If Black and Green want their tests put on HelloQuizzy, I could do it for them-- some time next week.
    Thanks! That's very kind of you to offer. much smoke pouring out of each chromosome.

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