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    I dont know why people always do cardio for fatburn. The simple equation is that body fat is only consumed by muscles using it as fuel for their movements. So when you run around like crazy, you only use your leg muscles as fatburners. Whats with the chest and the latissimus. Pretty big muscles, that burn fat pretty good.

    I'ld advise 2 days of bouldering a week plus 1 day weightlifting for starters. Then after one got used to bouldering, I'ld advice 3 times a week. Even one time a week will get you down to male 15-20% bodyfat quite fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beorn View Post
    I'm going to walk 5 k a day every day until I drop 20 lbs and will switch things up. In a couple of weeks I might add a longer walk on the weekend.

    Anyone who want's to join in the fun of walking whatever distance is suitable for you every day is welcome.

    Day 1: Done

    Well done for taking up the challenge. And for sticking with it. Don't do overkill, try to build up slowly, you will just naturally find things easier as your body gets used to it, the trick it to constantly push yourself a bit harder but not too much.

    I have been running too, more for fun than weight loss, though I do need to keep exercising as I tend to have a sluggish thyroid and it boosts it.
    I have managed to run 5k in 33.25minutes... it's pretty slow but i'm only 5ft1 and weigh around 58kg (128lbs) so i'm working on improving my time now. I bought a running backpack and the plan it to run to work which is a 3.4k distance.

    Eventually i'd like to run a marathon... kinda pie in the sky atm... but we must have dreams. I'm also learning to juggle to improve my short term memory (and because it's awesome).
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    I ran 5k a week ago, and the day before that too, that was two days in a row.
    If I were to run 5k a day, everyday? Would be okay training but... Varying your running surface helps.
    So, run 5k on the street, and 5k on a treadmill and 5k off road i.e grass or mud or sand or gravel/pebbles; off road.
    If you don't do this, you'd just be used to running on one type of surface and that's not good because you'd then be prone to injuries if you ran on a different surface.
    Also, have a rest day; on that rest day, do whatever, relax, eat junk food if you want to, get a massage; whatever.
    I've seen men in crutches in their middle ages who only are in crutches because they 'over did it' at the gym.
    Of course 5k to me is 3.1 miles.
    Most I've ever ran was about 12 miles, I did that twice, on two different occasions, two different routes between the same two neighbourhoods. Both times around 2 hours.

    I tell ya, if I run 5k now, I'd be done by 4:20am. - stretches legs now.

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