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    Exercise - missed my yoga session through poor planning. Decided to do it at night because I would be back at the hotel in time, but completey forgot about the timezone difference and the fact my body would be packing up to go to sleep by then. Fuck! Woke up this morning in a foul mood.

    Food - fresh carrot juice
    - plate of melon, pineapple and orange
    - omelette with ham, capsicum and bacon

    Thought for the day - for some reason PMS eludes me, it still take me by suprise month after month. Apparently regularity does not ingrain in my brain that in the second week of every month I will be tetchy. Good on me for failing to grasp this most basic aspect of my body.


    Exercise - yay back on the yoga 60mins before breakfast. I suffered in this session mostly because my muscles went back to being sprung steel from missing just this one session. Never again will Iput my yoga on the backburner, it so vital to my sanity and reducing any tendency I might feel to slit my wrists because the world is sucking again. I'm raw and tender from the dreaded PMS so I decided it's Wednesday, fuck the food restrictions, just find some method of sanity inducing gluttony.

    Food - two poached eggs on smoked salmon, guacamole and a single sice of sourdough bread. That was good, so good. What wasn't so good was the extremely camp waiter who thought he was incredibly witty at 10am this morning. I'm freaking PMSing dude....can you like....piss off so I can drink my cappuccino in peace. Take your hipster haircut and jeans elsewhere and stop wasting your flirting skills on something with breasts.

    Lunch today is a pizza with pepperoni, bocconcini, baby spinach, artichoke hearts. I'm sharing with my coworkers today in an attempt to assuage food related guilt.

    Thought for the day - don't get between me and a fridge at this time of the month. It may be stereotypical but I'm nasty as all getout when the hormones are raging. Being reminded I'm female makes me shitty and angry, food is my fluffy blanket at this time, dont mess with that, psychoanalyse that or otherwise get in my way. Would you rather I ate a burger or raged? Seriously I am that pissed.

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    Exercise - a blissful hour of yoga as usual. I cant go a day without it now.

    Food - mixed omelette, glass of tomatoe juice with tabasco and worcestershire sauce
    Plate of fresh melon and orange

    Thought for the day - while I enjoyed my pizza yesterday one look at my thighs tells me something. Wheat and cheese are the evil sisters of cellulite. I wont say never again because that is an out and out lie, its too yummy to forsake for life. I will however say infrequently and on occassion knowing that I will resemble a stocking filled with jelly the following day.

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    Exercise - same S usual, food As well.

    Its tedious doing daily updates or in fact ny updates. Not really sure why I bothered in the.
    Beginning. But in any case I know I do my yoga and eat well. Enough said.

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