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    I did a good job getting enough sleep. Not so much with diet and exercising.

    However, I started logging my food over the past 2 days, and I am surprised at just how bad my diet is. I'm only getting around 30%-50% of my required protein and 40%-50% of my required healthy carbs. Fat is the only macronutrient that I'm hitting my target for.

    That's... kind of shocking to me. I knew I was probably not eating enough, but I had no idea it was to that extent. It... actually explains a lot of the issues I've been having the past 4 weeks.

    I did go grocery shopping this week. Honestly, my only goal this week is to position myself so that I'm eating more healthier foods. That, and sleep.

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    Week 9 update:

    1) bodyweight 2/3. Missed Sun after a rough weekend, but got back on track after that.
    2) yoga/stretching 0/2, heh
    3) I purposefully dropped the ankle exercises because I think they may be aggravating rather than helping. bah. I'll replace them this week with hamstring stretches, which may help and can't hurt, anyway.

    I happened to come across this 90-day splits challenge on reddit today, and I think I'll use that as motivation to start doing daily (weekday) hamstring stretches and maybe also to get back into the yoga/stretching on my rest days. I kinda doubt I'll be able to do the splits in 90 days (or maybe ever) since I've never even come close, but at least I can use it as a visual measure of progress. I think that's the main reason I've been struggling to keep up with the yoga - I don't really feel like I'm improving at anything and it seems completely pointless (which it may well be). I haven't been stressing it too much since the yoga was mostly an attempt to get in the habit of daily exercise to make it easier to keep my bodyweight exercise going, but I've surprisingly been doing OK keeping up with the bodyweight stuff regardless. It would be nice to be more flexible though, and if I take pictures every week or so I can see if I'm making progress in that direction, which should help with motivation.

    So for next week, my goals are:
    1) 3 bodyweight nights (Sun/Tues/Thurs)
    2) optional yoga for the 2 rest days in between
    3) mandatory 10 min of splits stretching on all 5 days, including some solid hamstring stretching

    I'll see how the stretching goes this week and how quickly I get bored of it - might modify/ditch that goal next week, but will stick to it for at least a week first and see how it goes.
    -end of thread-

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    Week whatever this is update:

    Food stuff: pretty okay. I sort of feel like the honeymoon is over. I'm not binging or anything, I'm still tracking faithfully, but my enthusiasm is waning. I'm not even really sure what that means. Maybe it's just becoming routine and background and that's a good thing. Anyway, I'm aware of it and thinking it through. Since details-wise it was a fine week with no real dietary bumps I can't really give myself a demerit for not being Susie Fucking Sunshine about it all the time. So, 7/7.

    Moving: I think this is my weak link. I hit 5K steps on 3 of 7 days, and some of the other days were pretty sad. Now, in my defense, we did have two weather events and it's hard to get steps in when your house is 1000 square feet and there's ice on every surface outside. But I'm thinking my arteries don't care if it's hard (see what I did there?) to get the steps in. Gotta find ways to do better here. 3/7.

    Stress/sleep/etc: Now that I'm writing it out, I think this is the problem with both of the above. It's been a bit of a stressful week with the ice storm and power outage and everything, and when we went to stay at my parents' house things were kind of stressful because my mom was fighting with my sister who still lives at home (she's 21). I slept okay most nights but work has also been kind of hectic. I need to manage my stress better. We'll call this 2/7 this week.

    Connections: Also kind of a mediocre week. We did get to spend some time with my family because of the ice storm, but a lot of it wasn't really "quality time." My mom slept a lot of the time because she's having chemo (OF COURSE I'm not complaining- I just didn't get to chat with her as much as I'd like- and when she was awake she was getting on my sister's case). My dad was stressed out because of my mom's condition and the conflict with my sister. But I tried to love on them all as much as possible. It's just a rough time for them. I had some tears a few times over the weekend just because of the conflict and seeing how affected my mom is by her treatment. (She had a clean cat scan about two weeks ago, so we're still very upbeat about her prognosis, it's just that the treatment really sucks.) I can't even really bring myself to grade this this week. It feels like I did everything I could have but things don't always go the way we want them to go.

    It's okay to have an off week, right? This journaling really helped me pinpoint why it was so hard and forgive myself for not feeling awesome about the diet & exercise parts of things. It has to be okay for those things to go on the back burner when life gets bumpy, right?

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    I'm a little off the radar but I'm checking in!

    I've been doing this weird blend of not so bad for you food and great for you food.

    Sunday I did nothing exercise wise, I tweaked my ankle a bit somehow Saturday night. All I did was hike a bit of woods for like 15 minutes. Yesterday I shot a shot gun, hiked up hills and climbed rocks all the way to some waterfalls. Then I went dancing for an hour.

    Today more waterfall hikes and some exploring of caverns. And probably more dancing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post

    Your updates are making me crave coconut water!
    Haha! I love coconut water so much! Nothing beats it post workout.
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    Checking in... last week's report...
    I stayed on task with everything, except I have had to curtail weight lifting until my shoulder heals.
    So when Saturday rolled around, I did my exercises, but had to be careful not to further injure my left shoulder.

    I wore the 1 lb. ankle weights again, and I recovered a lot more quickly from the sore muscles this week!

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    Oye vey... what a week. Midterms really screw me over, every semester.

    So I lost some sleep over my exams over this past week, neglected my health in the process (I even tried to give myself a sugar high in order to stay awake for my evening exam two days ago), and as a result have called my family doctor at one of his clinics for an appointment this Saturday. I don't remember if I mentioned this last time, but now I've got this weird chest pain where it feels like my heart is being squeezed, and my sleep apnea has also worsened a bit.

    All that aside, I did try to at least drink more water and walk around during my study breaks. And if everything checks out all right at the doc's appointment, I can start training with my dad and brother from Sunday onward, for the half-marathon we've got in May (if I remember correctly).
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    Week 10 update:

    1) bodyweight 3/3. It feels a bit shaky this week for some reason, though. Hard to get everything done. I haven't been sleeping well so that may be why.
    2) optional yoga didn't happen, meh
    3) mandatory 10 min of splits stretching on all 5 days, including some solid hamstring stretching - done, except that I started the program on the second day of the week, so I only got 4 days in.

    I think I'll stick with the stretching for next week despite how long it is (~20 min on top of bodyweight, or ~30 min on its own since I need to warmup and stretch more). Not really seeing any progress there yet but that's normal after just 4 days. I'll see how it feels next week.
    -end of thread-

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    I'm doing this now to save @Udog the trouble of tapping me on my shoulder (which I do appreciate!).

    Current: Okay, I went on a total binge for two or maybe three days this week. I was very depressed and unhappy, didn't eat for a couple of days, then totally went nuts on junk food. Cookies and chips. I love to eat fatty and sweet things when I'm very stressed. I didn't put back on any weight from it but it made me pretty sick. So, I straightened up yesterday and feel better about it. I also picked up my exercises with doing more wall 'push-ups', squats, crunches, and plies (I took ballet and jazz for years!).

    What's Next: I'm going to look for a dance class and hope I can afford to pay for it. I think it would do me a lot of good--physically and mentally. It's too bad I can't afford the pool fees over here. I tried yoga and I'm not really cut out for it. It's not beneficial when I can hit a pose because my range of motion is abnormal. I'd like to try it again after I learn better body mechanics and gain more muscle tone to stabilize my joints. My PT is going to recommend some braces for me so I can walk without some of the issues I've faced with it before. This is really important to me because I'd like to start hiking especially since the weather will be getting warmer soon.

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    Cycling Distance Time
    Mon 10-Mar - -
    Tue 11-Mar 5.8 23:00
    5.8 17:45
    Wed 12-Mar 5.6 21:05
    5.8 18:25
    Thur 13-Mar - -
    Fri 14-Mar 5.7 22:15
    5.8 18:00
    Sat 15-Mar 23.8 1:21:30
    Sun 16-Mar - -
    58.3 3:22:00

    1. Log 40 bike rides by 7 April: 25
    2. Ride to work minimum 3x a week:
    3. Log minimum overall distance of 45kms per week:

    Want to take my bike to some of the MTB parks we have here and have a play around so that'll be my next goal.


    Push-ups Lunges Weights
    Mon 10-Mar - - -
    Tue 11-Mar 65 40 45 Min
    Wed 12-Mar - 80 -
    Thur 13-Mar 75 - 70 Min
    Fri 14-Mar - - -
    Sat 15-Mar 82 86 -
    Sun 16-Mar - 92 95 Min
    222 298 210 Min

    4. Push ups every other day:
    5. Lunges 4x per week:
    6. Weights set 2x per week:

    Have also set myself some challenges with chin ups/pull ups.


    Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    Mon 10-Mar
    Tue 11-Mar
    Wed 12-Mar
    Thur 13-Mar
    Fri 14-Mar
    Sat 15-Mar
    Sun 16-Mar

    7. Market shopping once a fortnight:
    8. Add one new option to meal plans each week:
    9. Limit beer to max 7 per week: 4
    10. Consume 3 meals per day min:

    Working on some diet changes still but have managed to force myself to eat small amounts regularly.

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    Looks like this is still going on. Good. I'm recovered enough from the ol' hip surgery to do a bit of biking and elliptical stuff (PT has me doing it anyway), but also some weights. After a bit of a lapse, it's time to get back into action. I lost a bunch of weight just after surgery, but gained a decent amount when I started to heal.

    It's gonna be a bitch because it's migraine season, so I'll do what I can.

    1. Sleep consistency. Aim to sleep at 12:00, no matter what.
    2. Elliptical or bike 10 minutes, 4 times a week. That's twice from PT, but also two extra sessions.
    3. At least two sessions of weights (during my 'extra sessions' which actually take place at a gym), focused on upper body and abs. Three different exercises per session, increasing weight or number of reps every week.
    4. Another goal of mine is to set a reasonable goal for eating. Not sure what yet, other than ensuring that I cut out beef.

    I use this task tracker, by the way. Awesome stuff. You can set your own goals, how often you want to achieve them, and get reminders to check the checkboxes if/when you've done them.

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