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The recommended amount varies wildly depending on who you ask, and it's hard to tell who's the most reliable/trustworthy. The Canadian gov says to stay between 10-35% of calories coming from protein, whereas most fitness resources online tell you to eat way more than that. I was aiming for 100g for awhile (mostly because it's a nice round number) which would have been roughly 20-25%. Over 4 weeks of tracking I averaged maybe 70. I don't really eat a lot of high-protein food that isn't also high in fat and therefore calories, so I thought the protein powder would help, but I'm not really a fan. If I start doing smoothies again I can throw some in, I guess.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I'm going to start doing smoothies for breakfast pretty soon, just because if you freeze a week's worth of smoothie in individual sized containers/bags, you can grab one quickly and run out the door -- which you can't really do with cereal. I rarely have time to sit down with breakfast in the morning, so I've been eating my desk snacks for breakfast. Def had beef jerky for breakfast this morning.

I calculated and I think I get 50-60g on a good day. If I'm going to start working out 3-5x per week, maybe I should add protein to those breakfast shakes...