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    So I did this, this week...

    Monday: Overhead Press; 5 rep max and some other work for my shoulders. Some chins, 5 sets of 8 I think. I also did 34 chins in a minute at work. I can't remember the day. I also gave a thirty minute pump lesson and I think I did some other tricep stuff after work.

    Tuesday: Squats; It was 37 degrees in the gym. I did a 5 rep max and 5 sets of ten. I did some more chins, just a few, 5 sets of 5 maybe. I did some leg curls after work.

    Wednesday: I just gave a pump lesson.

    Thursday: I did some bench presses. 5 rep max and 5 sets of ten. I also did some chins and rows. I gave a stretch lesson and a callisthenics/cardio lesson.

    Friday: I gave a core training lesson.

    Today is Saturday. I should stretch.

    I feel bloated right now, maybe it was the raw oatmeal, or the rice. I'll need to quit carbs for a bit. I hate feeling bloated.

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    I did an hours stretching yesterday. Mostly lower body stuff. I don't feel bloated any more. I reckon it could be milk, I haven't had milk in ages and recently started again. I'll go back to yoghurt in shakes.

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    I did all my training. The hardest day was deadlifts, hammered my back. Going in to do some overhead lifts today, have a lesson as well.

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    Hold on...
    I did 4x30 minute weight sessions.
    I did 3x30 minute metabolic sessions.
    I did 2x30 minute stretch sessions.

    I am short a stretch session so I'll use a cheat day. I have twelve left.

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    Monday: Gave a 30 minute pump lesson. Did some shoulder presses, worked up to a 3 rep max and did some pulldowns. I also did a half hour of pump practice, practising the choreography.

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    Tuesday: Did some split squats with rear foot elevated. I was waiting for the squat rack and did 3 sets of ten of these. Then I worked up to a 3 rep max in the squat. Did some lunges as well. Later on after work I did some leg extensions and calf raises.

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    Wednesday: Gave a thirty minute pump lesson.

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    Thursday: Gave a thirty minute stretch lesson.
    Gave a thirty minute metabolic lesson. Running and weights.
    Did weight training thirty minutes.
    Practised choreography for a lesson 90 minutes.

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    Friday: Did 1 hours stretching and gave thirty minute core lesson.

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    Saturday/Sunday: Hammered myself with copious sports viewing and alcohol consumption.

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