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    Quote Originally Posted by Malela View Post
    Interesting. How was that brought to your attention, if I may ask? I actually have a strong 9 fix and have considered the possibility of it being my core before, though my tendency to consider specific things that I like as an extension of who I am (mostly my interests in art) rather than feeling any sort of detachment away from that as well as 4ish thoughts consuming me throughout the day is why I stick with 4 as my core.
    There was a conversation going on in an instinct thread and someone suggested it to me; it's all in my blog in some of the recent posts; I don't want to throw names around here though. But I too always related to a lot of the core issues of a 4, which is why it always seemed to make the most sense to me, but I am beginning to think not to the extent that is actually experienced by a 4 or is emphasized in 4 profiles. In any event -- 9 was something I saw in myself too, so it's not much of a stretch for me to accept or consider.
    "...On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." - James Joyce

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    I enjoy making art and playing the guitar. Getting my ideas out is one way that I can successfully be expressive. Getting the characters or creatures out on paper. Or it can be just a way to vent without everything lurking beneath the surface leaking through into the real world and causing damage. There are little experiences in the world can top it and I hate being interrupted when in my creative zone. Nonartists don't really get it though. Art is indeed a hobby but it's still an important thing to me that I put time, blood, sweat, and tears into.
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    I couldn't Understand how you could be so bold.
    Maybe I'll find myself smiling on that distant shore...
    Maybe I'm not alone.

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    I was a writer until I became addicted to the internet and video games (also, being medicated killed a lot of my artistic side but I eventually came to appreciate that). I was written novellas when I was 13-20, then poems, then songs until around 30.

    Now, I enjoy creative video games. I used to LOVE Minecraft and then 7 Days 2 Die (a zombie/survival/crafting game that a lot of people call Minecraft for adults lol). Even EverQuest 2 saw me spending way too much time crafting furniture and decorating my island home.

    For practical crafting, I love to crochet and then I got into plastic canvas needlepoint a few years ago so I could make lanyard cases for my e-cigs.
    I significantly lack "T". I can't read patterns. I've tried and tried and tried to the point of nearly banging my head on walls... but I just can't learn (or retain) the info. I watch a lot of YouTube and then wing it through brute force trial and error (and many, many restarts).
    But because I can't read patterns, most of my stuff is basic.

    I've made a lot of blankets and bags. My most-loved creation is a floor length cape (?) with a hood. It's more like a snuggie lol

    I guess I've been at the needlepoint longer than I thought. I looked for some images to share.
    This is from 2016 lol
    Lanyard, bags in BG - Imgur

    Here's a terrible pic of my cape open.
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    Here's my general imgur: imgur: the simple 404 page
    There's not a lot there. When I broke my arm, last year (then needed surgery for it) it got me out of the crafting mood.

    Oh yeah. I wanted to second what IX said. Back when I first started making lanyards, I was crocheting them. Someone say me wearing one and commissioned a couple to be made. I made three (to just give him the third as a backup). I only wanted something like $10. because I was not happy with them in the least. He gave me $20. and I rushed away, in tears and hating myself for weeks because I felt as if I had ripped him off.
    If anyone, other than 9's are reading this and want to know how they can help support their creative friends: help them market their talent and reassure their over-sensitives some.

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    My art is my content. I'm always blasting away working on videos, and brainstorming my plans for the future and all that I'm going to do and create. It's alot of game related skits, rants, in-game creations, messing with mods. Eventually making my own music, and reading creepypasta's. It feels right to me. If anyone's actually interested in that it'd be actually encouraging.

    Also my art is my image. But I suppose that's all 3 and 4ish.

    I'm also a 9 since I'm still pretty aware of harmony in the atmosphere and keeping it if I can. I also am an artist, I like drawing, and I use to write stories ideas over and over growing up. I use to want to be a mangaka, until I realized how lonely and busy as hell that life is. The creator of Naruto couldn't even see his wife for their honeymoon because of it. Screw that. If I had a future love, I couldn't let that get in the way of us...

    I suppose this is the jist of my form of art. Hmm

    OH I also like to sing. But I haven't done it in a long time. But I was told by a couple friends that I was surprisingly good. I believe it is because I'm normally very unemotional so when I sing I let all the emotions out in one deep and poetic feeling segment...Hm

    So anyway yeah. Creative 9. Hello
    House: Slytherin
    DnD Allignment: True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral
    Tritype: 9w8, 4w3, 6w7 ?? The "referee", The "Aristocrat", The "Buddy" - cute names
    Instinct: Sx/So - Symbolism

    Seeker, Researcher, My intrigue is with the nature of the world and the humans in it. As well as myself. I collect info, struggle, fascinate, pick apart, learn grow, evolve, skip from one to another. I hope to one day share this data in a purposeful way that positively influences people/the world.
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    Default My relationship to art as a 9

    I identify as a 9. For a while I thought I was a six, but no. I consider myself an artist. My definition of being an artist is that one appreciates art, color, design and makes art just because it’s way more fun than watching television. And, very important, an artist doesn’t stop doing art because others, in their perception, are better, more talented, etc. No. Artists create art because they need to. It’s just essential and they have discovered this need and just do it.
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