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Thread: Female Eights

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    Default Female Eights

    Despite the stereotypes of Eights we all know, I think female Eights are usually very attractive.

    One canonical example would be Tess Holliday, a plus-size model. I think she's a rare beauty.

    Two of my friends are female Eights. One is 8sp-LSI (my former girlfriend), and the other is 8sx-LSE (a friend I met in a goth event). I tell them they're "extremely attractive" very frequently.

    Some would think "they're not very feminine" or something but that thought is sexist because it relies on stereotypes of men and women.

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    Well thank you very much, I am a female 8. It's interesting that you say the feminine thing as my face and body are very feminine yet my personality is very masculine so I don't necessarily fit that stereotype of not being feminine, I try to be plain and boring as I want to blend into the background.

    I very often get people stare at me including children. I don't really like children as they are extremely unpredictable and illogical but they fluffin' love me. I even had a kid walk past me and then stop and stare with his mouth open and say "Mummy, who's that?". I can only assume it's an 8 energy as my face is average and I'm not drop dead-gorgeous by any means, I wear comfy boring clothes, I'm just a human trying to blend in with the other humans.

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    Female eights are rare. Out of 2500+ exemplars, female 8s totaled 12...more than half the 2500+ were female. Coincidence, very improbable.

    Tess Holiday is sx/so 9w8...too inside/within the 'human experience' and in-touch with vulnerability for an 8.

    Two of my friends are female Eights.
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