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    Cool What were your experiences with 7w8s?

    Mkay so longtime lurker and first time poster here. Just tell me about your impression of 7w8 overall. Maybe dating-wise if you´re a 5w4? I´ve had my eye on a cute intp 5w4 sx/sp for a while and we seem to share the same sense of humor and smart-slacker syndrome. I just want to know about any potential downfalls or anything else to be aware of down the line.

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    Lol damn.

    How do I say 7w8 and I have insane chemistry. I swear to G.O.D. I have never experienced attraction like this.

    I think what gets them hooked on me is my attitude and action over words plus my upbeat personality.
    I will literally spot a 7w8 from acoss the room... Most of the time I get too shy and aviod them still ALL I WANNA DO IS SPEND TIME WITH THEM. I love listening to their honest expressions.
    They love how responsible and serious I am, willing to do the dirty work to get shit done. I don't bs with complaining and I learn quickly on my feet while questioning ppl's unreliable thought processes. I'm counterphobic so instead of letting fear control me, I face my shit head on. (Tho I may have little cute quirks that are hard to control like being afraid of the dark and monsters under my bed.)

    Honestly, the things I'd do just to get in their pants. I derive pleasure from mental stimulation...and even tho they intimidate me mentally I fucking love being scared of their dominate quick minded asses. I don't mind being submissive to the 7w8's demands of opinion and how things should be.
    Promise me. From here on, never again waste new tears for the past.
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