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    I don't know if there would be any correlation, but I've tended towards being skinny because of anxiety and perhaps other factors like protein depleted diet when young. I grew up in a food insecure environment which probably had some effect. In my 20's I was around 100 lbs at 5'5" (95-105lbs). After each divorce or breakup I lose 20 lbs in a month, but I have gotten as high as in 130's lbs. Right now I'm at 113, but did get as low as 107 after my most recent breakup.

    Being really skinny is how I see myself and what feels right. I feel like I look really weird with any weight at all, and I think some women are beautiful heavy. I have skinny ankles and wrists, skinny neck, thin face, so it looks weird to have weight. I still have anxiety, but do avoid eating sugar and carbs because I want to stay thin now just to feel comfortable.

    Now I live where almost everyone is heavy, so there have been little incidences where I feel I'm rejected because of being so thin.
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    I am tiny height wise(5"2), but I'm chunky. I'm a foodie after all. I try to focus on my health, both to look good and have energy, and I have an ideal look I want in the future. I am pretty image conscious and I enjoy having a signature look-mostly my bangs and curls, plus I take pride in my shortness. I do that with my clothes too, having a personal sense of style.
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    I think 5s and 4w5s tend to be the most waifish. Avarice in consumption leads to a lack of excess fat, and avarice in activity leads to a lack of muscle tone. Envy + observation of others certainly could compound this.
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    I don't pay particular attention to my body type aside from unconsciously kinda just keeping it "normal" I guess
    um, I don't think a lot about it I guess
    could possibly also be an SP thing (I am SP last)

    not that I have never had any appearance anxiety issues at all...but yeah

    edit: I am not waifish either

    idk on kibbe i think though i have been typed romantic I am considering soft natural, i certainly have enough of what he calls the yin flesh/softness
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