Since type 4 is generally seen as a type that is very passionate its description often looks similar to the one of sx subtype. However there are also 2 types so/sp and sp/so who have sx as a blind spot. So here is my question, how to differentiate between those 2 types which are already hard to imagine?

I've found this.
Four Stacks | The Enneagram from the underground.

However it seems that the famous "dauntless" of 4 SP is not taken in consideration here? Also the so/sp seems to be quite a withdrawn intellectual, so i don't see well the general idea of social 4 seeking social status?

Can someone give me some insight about the vibe of both those subtypes so/sp and sp/so?? How do they feel different?

Also who will they look from the outside? According to their behavior or way they dress?