I would rather be a nine, but I honestly can't tell which I am. I feel a great guilt in my gut when I read about twos and for some reason despise the thought of being a two and think they are the worst type. However, my best friend is definitely a two (and no I don't hate her), and we're noticeably different since she is VERY emotional and easily becomes angry for very little reason. She says I'm not emotional at all, kind of like I repress all my feelings and I haven't been legitimately REALLY pissed at anyone since late elementary school I think. This makes me seem like a nine, but I think I have a "need to be needed" and often question if others like me at all, but I NEVER hurt others or tell them I think they "should be grateful for my service" and I don't think I try to manipulate others into liking me (but isn't that a feature of twos too?). I also never wanted to be popular and I try to be very modest and get really uncomfortable when I feel like I'm better than others. Idk, this whole thing is basically giving me an identity crisis so any input would be really appreciated