I'm in between 4x3 and 3x4 and can't really figure out what I am.

To describe me, I always say "I'm a playwright, composer, librettist, lyricist". I have this thing where I change my name and am fascinated by the names "Imogen" and "Alexander", as my hidden names. I am fascinated with doubling and dopplegangers. My favorite movie is Mulholland Drive. As an ENFP, I have like no attention span, and I'm bipolar, borderliine, somewhat narcissistic, and histrionic. Very manic. I love to talk, I love meeting new people. I love collecting books and music, although they just sit around. I think I'm an excellent singer, and boast a range from bass to countertenor (up to soprano), as a male, but can't sing well actually, although I love the sound of my voice, and would be like Florence Foster Jenkins to hear myself. I do care about other people, and care about others' feelings. I am often the "therapist" to my friends and family, and a good listener. I love cigarettes, and consider them part of my identity. A lot of these remind me of three and four, but the caretaking part reminds me of two. I love my dog so much, he's 13, and like my child. I did manage to graduate from college, with a degree in theater...but never worked before, other than writing a ton of music and lyrics and plays, 6 of which I've done professionally. I go in between bi, gay, and asexual, though I've never tried anything major before. People find me very charming, and I am silver-tongued, and easily win people over, but wouldn't say I am a white knight, I would say I am sincere. I like having friends of all genders, including third genders, which I often identify with. I have a very wicked sense of humor, and point out my small body and high-pitched voice for a guy which I'm proud of. I should mention I'm always on the computer, and am kind of a hermit for an ENFP, but I love planning adventures, but need fellow comrades to participate in my escapades. I hate boredom as many ENFPs do, so I'm not sure whether 4's or 3's are more like that. I'm the type of person who can be charitable (give away all my birthday money to the children's fund) or greedy (been anal about painting supplies), but that's a symptom of bipolar. I sometimes act so spontaneous that I drive on a three-hour drive to go skiing, without letting anyone know, just because "I felt like it". Sometimes, I go out and buy my mom and two aunts flowers and say "three roses for three roses". Or put kind letters on the neighbor's cars. I'm very good with children and animals, and am a very safe person. If I pose a threat to anyone, it's to myself, but I don't see that as a problem with taking meds. A lot of people trust me. One thing I talk a lot about is the fact my father sexually assaulted me. I make too big a deal about it. And it is a big deal. And that wasn't the only time I was sexually assaulted. But it's just the attention-seeking behavior, that I would like to be "the story of the week". I feel special in every way. Especially because my grandfather was a four-star admiral in Iran, and the other grandfather was important too, and I feel my family's iconoclastic behavior in the states as the "dysfunctional, trashy family" just makes us interesting.