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    Default Being overwhelmed and darn displeased about it

    hey. i wanted to know if anyone had some tips or methods of getting rid of feelings of overwhelmness for a five. yknow, the kind that makes you feel like you dont wanna do anything except the things that dont need to be done.
    this website is full of fives, so what are some things you guys do to stay in the present and clear your head?
    i tried to find a thread where it was already talked about, but failed. so if you know of one you could just link that. thanks to those of you who take the time to answer
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    To get into 'get that shit done mode' I try to connect to and focus on my physical self and my physical surroundings.

    Things you could do:
    Lay on the ground. On your back. When do you ever do that? Why would you? It's a small change, from laying or sitting in bed or elsewehre to laying on the ground but still suddenly much more focus goes to it because it's so strange. You feel yourself much more clearly. How hard and uncomfortable the ground presses against your body, eveything looks different from this perspective and you can't help but notice how your weight is distributed. And then kinda you feel like getting up again.

    You have better things to do, there's a whole world outside to be explored and conquered, what about all those plans you had for yourself? I start to think, and I just automatically move on to actually doing something productive. Like, I was reminded that hey, I have a body, not just a mind, and hey, I'm alive.

    Generally, explore your body and your surroundings like a kid. Play with water, smell at flowers, turn on the music full blast during a car ride, take a bath, chase pigeons or whatever makes you feel connected to the world. Spending time with other people has always helped me at least to not get worse and more inactive and unproductive.
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