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    Default Core Beliefs of 5s According to Beatrice Chestnut

    - "People can be intrusive and threatening to my personal comfort."
    - "The world doesn't always provide what you need, so it pays to find ways to be self sufficient."
    - "Others want more from me than I want to give."
    - "I must protect my time and energy by having firm boundaries and maintaining my private space; otherwise, others will deplete me."
    - "The emotional demands of others make on me will exhaust my inner resources and so should be avoided."
    - "If I open up to relationships, others will expect and demand more than I have to give. Having too many relationships with the wrong kind of people leads to t he risk of feeling totally depleted."
    - "Commitments are burdens that are too heavy to carry with me. It's best to travel light."
    - "I am powerless when it comes to negotiating my needs and desires, and others may not listen anyway, so the safest course of action is to withdraw."
    - "Overall, separation from others feels more comfortable than the alternative."
    - "If I am spontaneous in my actions or feelings, others will disapprove, I will feel embarrassed or I will feel out of control or expose myself in a way that seems intolerable."
    - "It's better and safer to feel my emotions when I am by myself (and not when I am in the presence of others)."
    - "Knowledge is power."
    - Knowledge is best attained through observation, research and the collection and comparison of data".
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    I definitely identify with these and would say these go with my core system. When new humans come into my life, I want to have a positive relationship but the threat is kind of in the back of my mind. Wondering about the cons if I get too close. If there are people who are overly talkative and kind of intrusive, my instinct is to distance myself from them. It's true that the world isn't always a providing place so I try my best to be resourceful. Or to figure things out on my own. Or just to make what I can of the situation, not to call it quits if it seems like something is not possible. Or to stop at a certain point and try again later. I mean, I would like to think I am generous but I have a greedy side to me too.

    I get resentful when people ask too much of me. I want to give but when people ask too much and are not thankful, I don't like wasting it on those types of people. I guess I am reluctant to find connection and struggle with it because of a certain anxiety of opening yourself up. I identify with not having much to give to people, what I have is not good enough or once they uncover the vulnerable parts, they will discover that. I often feel powerless about needs and desires which is why I keep them to myself. I do spend hours upon hours, I could spend days alone and be satisfied. Even if I have been alone for hours and people intrude on my alone time, it feels threatening and invasive. I definitely take a sort of security in knowledge and feel powerless when people don't see me as competant.
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