"People admire and respect success and achievement. To inspire admiration in others you must be successful and achieve."
- "If you achieve high status, you are a valuable person in the eyes of society."
- "Working hard to achieve specific goals enables me to control the things I do and make me successful."
- "Getting things done and being productive supports my well being."
- "Setting goals is an important way to stay organized, get things done and achieve success."
- "Reaching specific goals depends upon hard work. I work hard to do whatever it takes to reach my goals and remove any obstacles in the way."
- "Image and appearance matter."
- "How you look and what you've done tells people what to think and feel about you."
- "It is important to have the right image for every context so that people will think well of you."
- "Feelings aren't as important as getting things done. Feelings get in the way of getting things done and so can be a waste of time."