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    My perfect self would be to literally become an artiste in my chosen interest field - communication, psychology, languages, ethology. Anything to do with understanding *life* and living beings. To understand myself, others and through it the world, even my own body. And from there, wield a mastery to help that life - including myself - become the best they can be. To optimise it. To go from mere survival and chronic suffering to thriving and facilitate personal growth through education, shifting perspectives and teaching others how to do so and encourage and teach a base level of empathy in all, so that everyone gets that chance to contribute their best in the most supportive circumstances.

    This includes myself - something I have struggled with in the past, feeling that I had to focus on others and not myself. To go beyond my own interpretations, but to treasure my own all the same. To take care of my needs, including those of my body and embody living art through mastery of the body, mind and soul. And then radiate that outwards in order to ease suffering, uplift spirits and inspire others to believe in themselves through true connection and epiphany.

    I used to think I wasn't ambitious at all. I am - very much so. Just not in the traditional sense of the word.

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    I am one of the 4s @Nixie was talking about who has a strong lust for power, or at least visions of power and dominance, the ability to mold life to my will, probably the most extreme example on the forum. In fact "extreme", along with "intense", would be good keywords for my personality. I like dramaticism, passion, and to an extent, emotional turmoil, in all facets of life, and my ideas are partially informed by my attraction to extreme ideas and things, and the reciprocal disdain of anything "boring" that lacks sufficient intensity. Sometimes I will say shocking, crazy things purely in the midst of an emotional rush, or to distinguish myself from the low-energy people I disdain. So I am at one extreme - theatrical, in-your-face and keen to steal the spotlight. Most 4s are much quieter and less effusive, which undoubtedly makes them easier to get along with.

    It is important to realise that I have a strong 3 wing, and I am also sx first. This means I strive to fulfill my 4ish impulses in the realm of 3, and in a largely sexual way. Hence I am very focused on sex itself, tend to be quite preoccupied by my own image and self-promoting as a result. I have a painful dilemma between being attractive and being authentic, as these two things often don't mix well. While authenticity will always the final say, in romantic matters I often capitulate and always come to resent it when I do. But this very debate is one which 4w5s would find totally alien.

    I tend to conjure up vivid, magnificent visions of myself which are ultimately unsatisfying, because eventually, I have to stop dreaming and wake up. And when I do, I look around and realise how different my life is to what I wish it was...and I feel like shit.

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    Ideally, I'd keep some qualities I already have: I'm smart, creative, fun-loving and deep. But I'd definitely be more optimistic and more motivated when it comes to doing important things for myself.

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