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    Quote Originally Posted by Nixie View Post
    Well, I would certainly like to be more "8-like". Many 4s are, especially the sx-doms and those well-integrated, but as far as I know, I am a ways from being that sort of 4.

    Ideally, I want to excel in my one chosen creative field to the point that hard-to-reach options to take it further would open up. I want my work to help people understand each other and make them face the sides of themselves that they're afraid to own up to. But also, I want to deliver through it the message that I like people after all despite the quiet shell, and I want to play with them. I would not just be understood, but others would want to come inside without may having to compromise myself for them first. I would never again have to sit on an idea alone or be hungry for intellectual bonding. Maybe I'd meet someone this way who I would become more intimate with - romance used to be a central part of these visions, but it isn't anymore. But it would be lovely.

    I want a strong body and a resilient psyche. I want to be brave, someone who stands up for others and what's good, not a bystander. I want to know a variety of practical skills and be able to survive in many difficult situations, but also to be knowledgeable, intelligent and focused. I want to be fearlessly productive and efficient.

    I want my unhealthy past to be overshadowed by what I become and my self-concept to be washed of that as cleanly as possible by new accomplishments. I want a few to regret how they underestimated me.

    I don't want to be constrained in aesthetic expression or in exploration by impersonal resource limits. If I'm curious about something, I want to be able to just go try it.

    I don't want to age. I don't want disease, otherwise known as the body's random and oh-so-inconsiderate infringement on my expressive capacities.

    Why did I even post? I hate admitting that I want more.
    Damn, you have some high-minded idealisms. Mind you it's good that some people do.

    I personally like being the bystander, to me that is as much a part of life as the interaction, when you can step back and view yourself and your experience of reality like a big encompassing shape of energy. But I view it this way because when I have too much interaction, I lose sight of it and get caught up in the minute bullshit of the everyday modern world, which has nothing to do with being caught up in the experience of right now.
    'One of (Lucas) Cranach's masterpieces, discussed by (Joseph) Koerner, is in it's self-referentiality the perfect expression of left-hemisphere emptiness and a precursor of post-modernism. There is no longer anything to point to beyond, nothing Other, so it points pointlessly to itself.' - Iain McGilChrist

    Suppose a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?"
    "Suppose it didn't," said Pooh, after careful thought.
    Piglet was comforted by this.
    - A.A. Milne.

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    Wow. I dunno what I want, but I notice that I have some bits of what some of you say you for thought.

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    I'll try since I might be a 6.

    I too want to be captivating and have the insanely amazing ability to captive another. I also want that deep mutual intimacy that is exceedingly rare to find with others; it the only human connection that seems worth it, to me.

    Whoever I am, I want that to be ...the most amazing/sparkling thing for someone else. I do not care what I look like and I do not care if I do not have luxurious items. I could be naked, be wearing oversized clothes, or be wearing a japanese Kimono... I just want to shine so bright that I am the only one who can be seen. I want to be so human that I actually become beautiful.

    But because I am also afraid that my ideal self won't manifest, I want to be hidden and untouched (I do not mean physically, but emotionally/spiritually). I want my heart to remain my own ....until someone falls in love with me and doesn't want to ever let me go.
    You are so arbitrary.

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    Oooh, this could be dangerous and disgusting, but here goes.

    My ideal self would take the (literally) thousands of ideas I have on paper and do something with them. My ideal self could receive encouragement, compliments and positive feedback and believe that they are true-- that kind of confidence could produce action. I would tap into and actually utilize my giftedness, and allow it to speak for itself-- my ideal self would be confident enough in the things she knows well to use and demonstrate that. I'd also be able to approach people I don't know and introduce myself right away, forgetting any fear that they might write me off, or be too busy to acknowledge me. My actualized self would be warmer to the outside world-- she would be my insides on the outside. I would be the way I am with those close to me, or in close proximity to. My outer shell would crack off.

    There's probably more, but let's face it, that's plenty.
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    My ideal self is a column of pure light swirling with dust motes.
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    (E6 sp/sx afaik) Fluent in 4 languages - and at least proficient enough in Italian to read the original words of Florentine artists.

    A minimalist lifestyle, physically fit, cook vegan well enough to flip omnivores... so that I actually can flip an omnivore if given the chance lol. One day writing well enough to hold a candle to some of my idols like Octavio Paz and Nathalie Handal. But not just creatively - my articles and essays should move weight too. Basically I want all these thoughts and words and images to be worth something as I've got so many that to me at times they are mostly burdensome and exhausting.

    And I want a small circle of friends who are creative and stimulate my own creativity, intelligent and intellectually stimulating, idealistic, low maintenance, straight-edge & preferably herbivores too, and active. The kind of people you can go with to cafes, art exhibits, conferences, charity events, but also yoga, the gym, skating, swimming, things like that; alternate between 'deep' and meaningful discussions and zany or dorky b/s-ing. I'm always in my head and have got so much nervous energy that I want my surroundings to be low stress and bring me out.

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    I'll have to keep reflecting on this, but some stuff I thought of the other night:

    Ideal self:
    - works towards goals
    - builds community with others
    - confident, secure
    - wise, rational
    - acts in line with what is felt to be right
    - connected with the world
    - knows what is wanted, strives for it
    - is able to direct others
    - has powerful ideas
    - feels powerful emotions, is not controlled by them
    - makes discoveries, in the mind and the world
    - future minded, but atst strongly in the present

    - lives a life of PURPOSE

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    I want to be tough and resourceful as the Bush Tucker Man, able to survive in any terrain.
    I want full control over my emotions, and not to reveal any revolting weakness, like crying publicly, or being fat, or injured.
    I want to be a kick arse camera assistant and photographer, capturing beautiful landscapes, fusing with the mystical joy of nature.
    I want to feel camaraderie and a sense of social belonging, for the first time in my life.
    I want to be so beautiful and special that no-one who I fall in love with could possibly reject me.
    Question everything.
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    A romantic hero, basically.

    I imagine myself immensely dramatic, powerful, profound, seductive and mysterious. Some kind of artistic genius fused with a Casanova like figure, but more compassionate. I imagine myself walking into an cocktail bar, sitting down beside a beautiful woman and smiling, she looks up at me and smiles back. There is no doubt in her mind that I want her and no question that I am going to have her...I want to be someone whose intensity and presence you can feel, who commands respect among men and makes women wet with lust, who is totally intoxicating to them. I guess a more confident, attractive, talented and strong version of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TalkTypestoMe View Post
    So 4s...describe for me your dream self with as many vivid details as you want...we all know you have them

    I want to hear from 6s too: Who is the person you strive to be? What qualifications would make that person satisfactory?
    My 'dream self' would be -

    - Physically fit/healthy/energetic
    - Productive and accomplished - I would be consistent in my work and occasionally take holidays or time to rest. My ideal self would be very disciplined.
    - Have an environment I work in, and an environment I live/sleep in.
    - Friends and family who value me.
    - An interesting, unique yet hidden/anonymous identity.

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