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    Default How do 7s get focused!!?

    This thread is dedicated to 7s and how we can find focus in our lives and integrate to 5 readily.
    7s, what has worked for you?

    Right now i'm having an existential crisis. I really need to find focus in my life, for my career, future, and dealing with my problems instead of running from them only to deal with them "soon".
    I've been giving advice from many people to just dedicate myself to something and do it, even if it will be boring and painful. It's part of life. Heh, maybe I'm just lazier than most(wouldn't be surprised), but I have always seemed to struggle with it more than most...

    Any other types, please chime in if you have any advice or observations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splash Shin View Post
    This thread is dedicated to 7s and how we can find focus in our lives and integrate to 5 readily.
    7s, what has worked for you?

    Taking a concept to it's logical end is rarely logical or relevant to the subject at hand.
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    meditate. learn how to use your body (and its rhythms of experience) to observe and discipline your mind.

    after this, it's a lot easier to focus on scales of decision-making that are relevant and realistic enough to truly be aided by thinking, rather than impaired by it.

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    This is going to sound a bit counterproductive, but when I'm faced with this, and it happens more than I care to admit, it helps to be reminded of what my passions are. (The deep ones, not the, oh, wow, that looks fun, and why can't I do that ...sort of envy) To other people, especially those closest to me, would probably tell you I'm running from myself, that I'm blowing it off.... actually, being outside, climbing, sailing.... something that removes the walls from my vision (literally) tends to help my heart get back in touch with my sense of purpose and direction in life. Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something(s).

    Someone mentioned paleoclimatologist yesterday, and how they get to walk around the north pole extracting ice samples. How much fun would that be! Adventure in the name of science. I began wondering if continuing with my medical route was really the best thing, if I should just stick with my current...and perhaps expand (well, definitely expand) my current medical certs.... but something always brings me back to it.

    I've done a lot in life, though...and I've walked away from many opportunities... and as much as I loathe it when others tell me, 'pick one thing and stick to it', I chose instead to evaluate, in the long run, what would I want the scene to look like. Where do I see myself? It doesn't have to be a specific point (I tend to suffocate over that idea), but reach in; your interests might have a common theme.... if your other interest may benefit the core ones, and doesn't inhibit that growth...why not? As long as it's flexible, with room to evolve... I know that doesn't help, but you're definitely not alone.
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