and I don't understand her at times. I like her, and we get along well, but sometimes she does things and I don't get it. I've been reading up on twos so any twos want to help me out.

like she got mad about dishes being left out andall my dishes were done in fact the last 3 times i did all the dishes, and I read:
Twos often develop a sense of entitlement when it comes to the people closest to them. Because they have extended themselves for others, they begin to feel that gratitude is owed to them. They can become intrusive and demanding if their often unacknowledged emotional needs go unmet. They can be bossy and manipulative, feeling entirely justified in being so, because they "have earned the right" and their intentions are good. The darkest side of the type Two fixation appears when the Two begins to feel that they will never receive the love they deserve for all of their efforts. Under such circumstances, they can become hysterical, irrational and even abusive.

and that's her the most recent time that has happened was last night, and I don't know how to react to that, so I fire back and I was wondering if there's another way I could deal with that in the future to diffuse the situation. oh she didn't become abusive just hysterical irrational.