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6w5 > 9w1 > 4w3/3w4 imo. Also maybe so/sp; I remember you talking about having trouble connecting with people that sparked your interest iirc.

@Lady_X I agree with what @Zarathustra's saying that 9w8 is probably right for you (and by extension, right for me because reading it made a lot of sense for me too). I think 2w3 is right for you as well. If you've NEVER felt like you lacked an identity then I would actually say that makes it more evident for 2 > 4. Lacking an identity is a vulnerable subject for 4 (it is their basic fear after all) so I think if you're confident enough that you have your identity that the fear has never crossed your mind, I'd shy away from 4. On the flip side, in your last post I see that you DO feel vulnerable towards the idea of not being loved and having your loving gestures go unappreciated. So I think 7w6 > 9w8 > 2w3 sounds good for you.
okay awesome...i think i'm good with that. i think...yeah sure....shit haha