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    Default 6 fears of abandonment

    lets say I started a gym with 2 6s and we reached a point where I had to leave colorado and become a roughneck to gain extra money to cover rent.

    Would an E6 hold down the fort?

    Im concerned that my teammates will all flip a shit and bail on me or something. They accuse me of doing that yet dont seem to understand how my incredible business debt makes me committed.

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    Set up a feedback system for them, so they know that they can get a hold of you, should they need to. Then make sure you check in regularly and keep tabs on that fort. It'll communicate your commitment on a subconscious level and soothe that anxiety that they probably arent aware is influencing them.

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    I agree with Amargith.

    Are they phobic or counterphobic?
    I am phobic and bailing on someone I feel I'm obligated to stresses me out.
    On the other hand if they break that "trust" then I break my obligations.

    The easiest way to keep them holding down the fort should be to keep in regular touch somehow and show them how & why they can remain obligated to you. Especially if they're already testing you.

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    @Azure Flame

    Dunno if this helps with working with 6's but it should. And if I were you I'd seriously take what they say into consideration. I related a lot to these. And I feel like this isn't the first time you've talked about those 6' at work lol. So here.
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    Let them feel a connection to you through a common bond. Specifically, you mentioned that you have incredible business debt. Assuming you have some anxiety about this business debt, communicate your anxiety about this debt to them. This can accomplish the following 2 things:

    1. They may view that debt as an anchor connecting you to their shared enterprise with you, which can give them comfort, because it can mean that you won't "abandon" them (which they'll like).
    2. On a personal level, they may feel empathy for you in a way that other types would not (6's are pretty in-tune with anxiety)...these 6's may understand your anxiety and feel more connected to you if you share your stress with them. As a bonus, they might work harder for you in an effort to help alleviate a stress for you that they know all too well for themselves. In other words, they may understand your stress/anxiety about the debt better than other types, and this mutual understanding may help solidify your relationship at a pivotal point in your business' life.

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