I used to, but now it's more common for me to enhance happy feelings and numb discomfort through other, more effective but ultimately even unhealthier means.

If I'm merely bored or mildly upset, I am sometimes tempted to eat to distract myself, but my self-control (with regards to food) is strong enough that I usually don't overeat. If I'm seriously upset, eating doesn't help much so I'm not even tempted. In fact, I basically have to force-feed myself, and I occasionally turn to worse habits like drinking too much alcohol to temporarily lift my mood. If I couldn't drink, something else would replace alcohol as my temporary distraction, maybe food again.

I have read that unhealthy sp Nines are likely to either have problems with overconsumption (food, substances, etc.) to try to disengage from their feelings, or with being addicted to a feeling of self-control and being too obsessively rigid about what and how much they consume (more likely for w1s than w8s). I've been to both extremes and in both cases it was a means to distract myself from essentials - what I really needed to be doing, feeling/processing, and thinking about.