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    as an E3, i just accept it and trust if it was meant to be, it'll come. and if not, then that's fine too.
    external validation is just fact.
    but seeking it is futile.
    the myth of sisyphus.
    how you react to it, is what matters.

    it is exhausting, yes. but i accept it and let it fuel my fire.

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    @xisnotx I see your point. I don't much care for Absurdism simply because I don't believe that certainty is necessary to feel that my life has purpose or to feel that I am accomplishing that purpose. But I do think that it contributes something valuable and that is that I don't always have to get it right, because even if the boulder has rolled back down the mountain a thousand times I have flattened the top of the mountain a little each time and I only need the boulder to stay once. And even if it doesn't maybe I not meant to be one that sees the boulder sitting firmly on the peak. Maybe my purpose is to soften the mountain for someone else.

    I guess that's why it's so important that I as an E3 have hope and keep it alive. Without it there's just misery.

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