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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanjuro View Post
    So, if you're like me, you need to find a mechanism that helps you break through the resistance to begin, rather that just learn to do it earlier. I'm 30 and haven't figured out what that mechanism is yet (beyond the deadline being hours or minutes away), but I'll let everyone know if I ever figure it out.
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    This is totally me, the reason why I do half done works, and always start every project a day before deadline... Or sometimes I don't start at all and hope things are going to work out somehow. Life has been good enough to me, that it somehow still works for me. But I am afraid it won't be like that my whole life and then I really don't know what I will do. I noticed, that if I really once get myself into work, and give myself and opinions into it, to make it look like "yeah this is something I want to present myself with" I can do much better...Maybe you could just think about your school work not just like about school work, but like it is something that you really could present yourself with among others. Not sure if it will help you, it helps me...
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    I just have to place myself in a situation that permits no distractions.. instead of doing my homework at home, I'll psych myself up and I'll make a trip to the library (without my phone) and stay there all day until my work is done. I also have to remind myself, I'm better than the crappy last minute work that I have the tendency to produce, so why would I create anything less than that? it helps that I studying in a competitive field because I NEED that extra pressure.
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    Yeah echo the no distractions. And also, I set a timer for 20 min... usually that is a tolerable time... and then often I find myself in the zone at that point and keep going, but it also somehow helps me to start being focused, thinking it's only for 20 min.
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