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I am in the mood to talk about twos ...so I hope my post is ok.

I have a friend who I think is a type 2. At first, I typed her as a 7 because she loves doing fun stuff with friends and would act like an adorable 8 yr old who would cry if her mother forgot to buy her favorite cereal. She really loves spending time with people (people she has decided she wants love from ...I guess). She can be pretty take charge in a social setting (...she's the one who can be most enthusiastic about get-togethers), and anytime we study together she always has tea ready for us ^_^ At first, I thought she was just a simple gal who ...just had the desire to be socialable and provide a good time for people.

Then I realized that she was a 2 when two girls that I knew first met my "2" friend. She wouldn't leave them alone (basically like a puppy dog ...let's call her cuddlepups). She always wants to spend time with them and do things with them and would ...smother them with her attention. She would do that in a helpful way, but she would also do that by hugging them too much and always wanting to sit next to person at dinner time, invites them to play games or watch movies ...whatever, really. She really wants their affection, but the funny thing is that she chases harder when it seems like they are pulling away. It's a cycle.

So there's the other side to it, while she is chasing after someone else, she is ...different around other people... she is calmer, sweet but in a less intrusive way and more nuturing (instead of being super silly, playful, goofy ...and outright hilariously out-there =P). She is calmer and less extremely-excited-dog-like towards people she doesn't have to try hard to win over.

She is also pretty outspoken at times, but it's usually about simple things like she can't be friends with people who do bad things like cheat or use people or whatever. So I used to be put-off by that. I don't like it when people have standards they hold others to (I like "understanding" people better) ...even if they are good standards. I almost typed her as 8 because she has a forceful energy about her. She is judgmental, I guess ...it can be sort of dismissive.

...It's possible that she gives to receive, but all she really wants to feel loved. She just wants people to show signs of affection towards her (like make her a valentine's). I don't think she likes receiving ...I feel like she throws away the affection she is already given by another and focuses on the affection she hasn't received yet. It's a balance, I guess, with type 2s. They want love. They want you to send them a card and talk to them often ...so they can receive... but it won't be enough, I guess.

I hope I made sense

It made sense. I appreciate you sharing the feedback. Every type is unique in their health and how their positive and negative traits manifests. I don't really relate to the cuddle pups but that's probably because I'm an introvert and if I meet new people I just can't relate to that at all. Might be an age thing. It might be how I was raised. I don't know.

What I do know is that I feel anxiety when I receive despite wanting it. Unfortunately I think it's just an uncomfortable feeling I have to ride out and overcome since I'm more aware of the root of the problem. Essentially I need to be more confident and open in my communication.