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    Angry I don't want to start a thread *angry face*

    ...but I'll do so anyway.

    I understand sixes are 'diverse'. They either the grumpy old geezer who hates it when people cross their lawn. They are the socially petty who explode on a friend for not meeting them on time for a party. They are the planners who make sure they do everything correctly so they don't get fired or whatever.

    Well, I usually don't totally relate to these descriptions (but I know that I can be one of those people try to get all As the first time around so I can slack off later if I want to ;D )

    But, I relate most strongly to this description, it's from this site:

    ...Yes. Yes. Do you yes this too?

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    The Iron Giant


    That's an sx or "sexual six," as opposed to a social or self-preservation. That's your variant. I'm self-pres, my stack is sp/sx/so.

    I like the descriptions on that site, they're some of my favorites.

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    Within this subtype there is a tendency to develop strength, either inner or outer. Sixes are often quite disciplined anyway - it is a type of defense at times. So within this subtype you often find body builders and martial artists. The discipline it takes to become a martial artist is fueled by the belief that if I become strong enough, I won't have to worry about someone or something attacking me. In fact, at the pinnacle of martial arts is the learning how not to have to fight. The motivation is self-defense, not aggression or competition, as it would be within an Eight or Three Enneagram style.
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