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my parents seem to think I changed when I hit adolescence. when I was a kid I was fun loving and easy going.

Apparently when I hit adoescence I became intense angry and stopped smiling. my parents seem to think there is something wrong with me from how I changed as I got older.

has any other 8 experienced a similar change before their family? is this 8 related? or should I continue to believe they are all fucking retards? My dad seems to think I randomly decided to reenact "rebel without a cause."

there was some kind of mood shift. I spoke to girls for the first time and started to harden up my emotions, but Its hard for me to understand how I came off during this time.
I think I'm 8w7 > 7w8 atm.

Yes when I was a kid I was more fun loving & easy going. At 13, I changed by first becoming more social - see below in my comment to the other post - but that backfired for me really fast. End result was me becoming more isolated and introverted in behaviour. Though I was always introverted in behaviour as a kid before I turned 13: I did readily make contact in one-to-one situations (in my own rough way) but I didn't care about people otherwise... it was 13 when I started to care about people in general. That conflict has stayed with me since then. In certain periods, it was more of a conflict and that did make me more angry and stuff. At other times I reacted by withdrawing, making myself isolated. (Am I describing typical 8 disintegration shit now?) And what you say about certain emotions "hardening up" yeah, that's a result of that too.

None of this was family related though. I didn't start to play "rebel without a cause" at all. I didn't do the typical teenager rebel thing. For two reasons, 1) I didn't become social with my peers after all, 2) Family was never a true issue for me, I knew how to get my way or how to get through a situation otherwise Pretty much always felt in control at home, unlike with those social groups.

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I'm not Se, and I'm not a core 8, but I did experience a very similar phenomenon.

As a kid, I was sort of this miserable little hypersensitive reject, creative social-4 type. I was also willful and stubborn and always had this thing about not showing pain or weakness to others...but I basically wanted people to be my friend and felt sad that they were mean to me.

Around the age of 13 I suddenly became hostile to my peers, starting thinking of life as "war", and basically stopped caring if they rejected me or not (or at least I was able to convince myself of that, lol). I wasn't openly aggressive or anything, but there was a distinct shift in mentality. I was an angry teen at home, too; my stepfather was--and is to this day--convinced I'm "criminally insane" (he's a 9w1, 925, so he's forgiven).

I've heard similar reports from other 8s and parents of 8s, as well as some cp6s. Those are both my fixes, lol, so I guess it's just inevitable.
I was also 13 when I changed but it was the exact opposite for me. I was more hostile to peers before, actually not exactly hostile by default, just could seem that way to an observer because my way of making contact with people was pretty rough; I was also more of a loner, didn't care if I was rejected, etc etc. At 13, I suddenly started to develop a social streak. It didn't end too well back then, but a shift in my mentality stayed, and I can't say it's entirely for the better, as I feel much better with the typical unhealthy 8 behaviour. Healthy 8 feels fine too but that's just not what I do at times. :p

Anyway, yes it seems like it's common to get some change around that age, I'm chalking it up to some hormonal change