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    Quote Originally Posted by badger055 View Post
    Here is a picture of you and me. No more talking for you.

    wow i'm so intimidated

    such scare

    very fright

    great performance


    do u want an oscar

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    that looks like a springbok btw

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    Quote Originally Posted by badger055 View Post
    Yea so far she has been paranoid about hidden agendas. Pretty sure she's an ESTP 864. I don't know I will probably decide on a last minute whim as usual.
    Well that's my tritype as well. If you have any questions, you can always ask me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by badger055 View Post
    I'm trying to figure out if I should avoid dating this girl who has some 6 influence. I tend to clash with 6s because they seem to be all about following the rules. Not sure if its because of a maturity thing or if they can be laid back too.
    I think 6s seem to run the gamut. We tend to be more mature in terms of being aware and cautious and less mature in terms of being overreactive. A healthy 6 can be more laid back but almost all 6s will snap quickly and firmly into vigilance when they feel seriously threatened. A mature 6 will be secure and relaxed in the sense of feeling that they can handle whatever life is going to throw at them, but even they will become serious and tense when they feel under attack. I don't think I've ever encountered a 6 who's as laid back as a 9, but then, 6s also don't fall prey to the 9 issue of sweeping problems under the rug.

    As for the rules, 6s like to know the rules inside out, so then we can make informed decisions about following or breaking them. We like to know what the fallout of a situation is going to be, so we study and learn rules and consequences to add to our data banks. We are control freaks over the future, in a way. Accordingly, we tend to be very specific about which rules we break and when and how and why. I would say the percentage of 6s that blindly follow rules must be quite small... even the most phobic 6 I know is just really quiet about breaking the rules, and flips out when anyone calls her on it, so she basically never gets in trouble (she's annoying). She does break rules, but just is extremely strategic about it.

    In terms of type relations that would be relevant to you, my brother's ISTP 9 and we've never had any clash rules-wise. He's a little more liberal than me but I don't really take issue with him doing whatever, I just get nervous about the potential consequences. I might caution him (I am the older sibling, so that's sort of a lifelong role), but I don't stop him. He's introduced me to some neat and fun stuff and I appreciate that. My father's an INTP 5w6 539 and he's actually more of a rule follower than me; I think it must be the 3 in him. He doesn't break rules unless it comes to alcohol or speed limits, lol. And personally I used to be more of a rebel when I was a teenager, anyway, and have calmed down in general since then, so it might be some influence of age, too - I wouldn't be surprised if other 6s are like that, too. I have definitely become increasingly stable since a rough hyperreactive patch in my late teenage years.

    In terms of dating... my SO is a 9. I think he can put up with a lot of my 6 crap because his natural tendency is to neutralize and minimize problems, and his influence is helpful to me. I do think my 6 skills come in handy at times - we don't do sweeping under the rug in the relationship; we talk about things up front and we talk through conflict. I tend to grab helpful things for him even when he forgets, and I'm the planner, which he prefers. I have previously been in a relationship with a 3w4, which was hard because whereas my 9 will speak rationally with me when I am distressed, the 3w4 would voice disapproval of my emotional response and would disengage. I have always liked speaking with my 5 father when I am distressed, because focusing on information is reassuring, so I think that I personally would do well with a 5. Whether the 5 would do well with me is a different story.

    For you, I do think it would help to ensure that the 6 / w6 is an academic/intellectual sort. If they are, that's a huge bonding point. If they're not, it's probably going to be a struggle. The phobic 6 I mentioned above is not and it drives me crazy because she is so fast to believe hype and poor-quality information. I cannot imagine a 5 and that sort of 6 sustaining any relationship for long.

    Here is what Riso-Hudson says about the 5-6 matchup:

    I hope that addresses some of what you were getting at. Let me know if I can clarify anything.

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