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    Quote Originally Posted by Masokissed View Post
    Truly, God prevented her from slipping off the edge as soon as he saw those heels.
    Ah ah good point for a believer like me I was thinking I could maybe invest in such stuffs, my obsidian necklaces and pearls cost me so much money, and finally I could lose them etc.

    Difficult to loose those shoes, at least if I wear them. See what I mean ?

    Wear this........ what for ?

    Dare observing your shadows (50 shades of darkness) for your own well-being Unfortunately we are all fucking contagious Smile and see what happens around you......
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    2 vs. 7

    Just because we see a lot of people misinterpreting 2 (or really, 2s pretending to be 7s) as 7 or vice versa. 2w3 and 7w6 in particular. I’m starting off with -

    2. And I’m using Maria from Silent Hill 2 as an example since she isn’t the typical housewife representation of a 2. Here is where someone could confuse her as a 7: she appears to be fun and flirty, edgy, positive, etc. People assume an upbeat or daring energy and willingness to get into reckless situations (but for very different reasons; 7s do it for their own pleasure, while 2s are usually ending up in reckless scenarios because they want love - essentially doing it for others) automatically fits the 7 bill. These are characteristics of 7s a lot of the time, but other types can have it too (ahem, sx 6w7s ). I’m mostly talking about sx 2s atm as Maria is definitely an sx 2w3.

    But as you go along you see how unhealthy Maria really is and how the mask slips off. This is common in unhealthy 2s to have a mask of fun & inviting but below is neediness and clinginess, and below even that is the nasty 8 connection. In this video you truly see how Maria’s every move is manipulation and seduction tactics, and a controlling and slightly aggressive tone. This is our unhealthy 8 connection. Other cutscenes show her mood swinging, histrionic behavior.

    For 7s,

    I’m gonna use Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Clementine, sx 7, is also easily found crashing into relationships which start off very bubbly and fun, but end in bitter resentments. However, she shows a pure self interest throughout the relationship. One scene I really liked was when she was with Joel and telling him about how when she was a child she thought she was ugly and projected this onto her doll. This is a 7 way of blaming something else to avoid the actual pain - this seems like a big factor in true 7s but because of stereotypes people don’t see this negative behavior as part of average to unhealthy 7s. Clementine goes on to be critical and aggressive, connecting to her 1 connection. She also proves to be a bit of an alcoholic. In the lighthearted moments you see her tendency to dream of better or stimulating things. Her self interest and focus on her own satisfaction are the highlights - she is an individual. She also shares mood swinging tendencies with the 2, but somehow these feel more ‘mental’ rather than ‘emotional’ like the 2 - and also a result of her often chaotic life.

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