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Thread: ENTP type 5

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    Default ENTP type 5

    I am a type 5. In tests I usually score as INTP. To be more accurate, I consider myself a good example of an ambiverted person.

    Are you an ENTP 5? Know any? Share insights (if you want to).
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    there are tons of them. most of them think they're intp's.

    albert einstein is one of them. INTP's 5w4's are much more dark and scary than ENTP 5w4's. (google Szadslaw beksinski)

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    Interesting that you are a 5w4. I imagine ENTPs are more often 5w6, since 5w4 seems to be pretty introverted. Do you ever feel that the 4 and ExTx clash?

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    ENTP 5's are INTP's who haven't accepted the burden of reality yet.

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    I do think type 5 + ENTP is more than possible, and I've come across at least two who I have no doubt of their 5ness. Ne is a withdrawn function as far as E functions go so therefore, an individual can lead with ne, be a cognitive extrovert but a social introvert, and be a 5. Somehow, I see 5w6 being more likely than 5w4 if this is the case but either or is poThe fact that they are NT goes well with the type too.

    Ne needs less peopling time than say... fe and gets by spawning and connecting ideas. INTP is one of the more common types to be type 5 so therefore, I'd say it's a fitting combo. If the ENTP had some social extroversion in the mix, I'd be more skeptical though. Social instinctual variant could possibly work in that case but it would seem fishy.
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    Fishy eh. Hmm.

    I've fit extremely well for it. But the absolute certainty probably will never be known. Meh. People disagreeing and all. Who knows.

    I believe I am unless it can be proven otherwise.
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