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I'm sorry that misunderstanding keeps happening to you. Sounds like that probably has a lot to do with the situation with this type 1, though. That plus what @OrangeAppled posted -- which I definitely relate to from my less 7-integrated days -- adds up to a depiction of this 1 as simultaneously disliking how you "think you're above the rules", and also being jealous of you for being able to break those rules, when she feels like she can't.
This makes sense to me. As a kid, I had 1-ish, 2-ish and 8-ish authority figures suspecting that I was up to no good when I actually did care about the rules. The thing was, though, that despite giving plenty of shits about systems, I still felt separate from them, just below instead of above. On the outside, either way (willfully uninvolved or assuming the self to be uninvolved in the system when it isn't true in reality, where one's participation actually is necessary to run things) looks like not paying attention to other people. One of my biggest regrets is reacting with guilt at those times. I think if I hadn't allowed myself to be impressed upon so easily, I would have grown up differently.