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    Default Why is David Bowie a 3 and not a 4?

    This one's always puzzled me. What makes him seem like more of an achiever than a romantic? His music and whole persona seem very self-indulgent.

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    I dont know, David Bowie could be either. He seems pretty unrevealing for a four, though, I could see an arguement for 3.
    And now there came out of this building a form - human - was it human? ... It reminded me of symbolical images of Genius or Demon that are seen on Etruscan vases or limned on the walls of Eastern sepulchres - images that borrow the outlines of man, and are yet of another race.

    -Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton, The Coming Race

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    Bowie is a 4w3 sp/sx.

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