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I find ego types in general fairly wimpy/lacking backbone (with a few exceptions. some 4w3s like @Animal are much more saucy and pack a punch)
That's hilarious in light of this quote from the 4 description on the Enneagram Institute site:
"Healthy Fours are willing to reveal highly personal and potentially shameful things about themselves because they are determined to understand the truth of their experience—so that they can discover who they are and come to terms with their emotional history. This ability also enables Fours to endure suffering with a quiet strength. Their familiarity with their own darker nature makes it easier for them to process painful experiences that might overwhelm other types."

Also the fact that 4's are often referred to as "inside out 8's"-- our core is as strong as an 8's castle walls and our exteriors as vulnerable and raw as their soft center.

Just saying.