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    I resonate with your friend so much. My big fear was always letting people down and loss. I also had OCD as a child and generalized anxiety, but my core fears were the above. I don't go looking for things to be scared of and worried about because I don't enjoy stoking the flames of my anxiety; being prepared isn't something that makes me feel better - I tend to feel that the pursuit is futile anyway; shit happens. When I'm having an anxiety episode, often I'll have a vague fear that a loved one is going to die or that I'll "lose myself" somehow. Being alone/without intimacy or love is what I fear the most. I've thought I must be a 6 for a long time, but the general description of the hyper-vigilant and neurotic 6 doesn't fit with me. I forget to lock doors and never plan anything. Like, I fly by the seat of my pants. I just have horrible anxiety via OCD and GAD. Overall, it's not the support or guidance of others that I fear being without, but their very presence and love. Y'all would say I'm probably a 9 right? Lol.

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    I know how hard it is to raise a kid, especially when you're disabled. We have just one daughter and although she's the reason that we wake up in the morning, it gets pretty stressful while she's growing. Most of the time my wife has to take care of her because I'm pinned to a wheelchair. My wife is a strong woman, she passed through a lot but even for her, it was hard to raise a child. She took pills and went through therapies and in the end, we raised a beautiful daughter. The last one that she took was Etizolam for sale, we have a few packs even now, and it was the only one that really helped her.

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