I resonate with your friend so much. My big fear was always letting people down and loss. I also had OCD as a child and generalized anxiety, but my core fears were the above. I don't go looking for things to be scared of and worried about because I don't enjoy stoking the flames of my anxiety; being prepared isn't something that makes me feel better - I tend to feel that the pursuit is futile anyway; shit happens. When I'm having an anxiety episode, often I'll have a vague fear that a loved one is going to die or that I'll "lose myself" somehow. Being alone/without intimacy or love is what I fear the most. I've thought I must be a 6 for a long time, but the general description of the hyper-vigilant and neurotic 6 doesn't fit with me. I forget to lock doors and never plan anything. Like, I fly by the seat of my pants. I just have horrible anxiety via OCD and GAD. Overall, it's not the support or guidance of others that I fear being without, but their very presence and love. Y'all would say I'm probably a 9 right? Lol.