For all of the enneagram type 6's out there, what is your variant stacking and what types of things frighten you? For instance, I believe that I am a 6w7 Sp/sx and I become extremely disoriented when I don't have money, food, shelter, and don't have my survival needs met. If money is low, then I tend to become extremely frightened and it will send me into a panic instantly. Literally, the more money, and the more resources that I have, the safer that I feel. Also, if I am in a situation of danger and I'm not sure how it will turn out, I will often go bat shit crazy as well. For instance, once I pissed off a drug dealer and he told me that he was going to shoot up my house. This terrified me to the max, not knowing if and when he would strike: my mind literally went crazy thinking about the possibility of death, and grasping at straws to try to preserve myself. Luckily he was just bluffing, and it never happened, but it clearly illustrates the principle that if I feel like my self preservation is threatened I go nuts. For instance, some people would have automatically assumed he was bluffing, and just went on with day. However, I was sent into a state of pure panic.

When it comes to sx needs: I often feel the need to be in a relationship, but if I am not it will bug me quite a bit and make me feel sad. However, I am not thrown into a sense of panic without it. Often times though, I often fear things that could hurt my appearance and hurt my chances of attracting a mate. For instance, many times, I am terrified of things like fire that could distort my looks, and I am afraid of getting hit by a car for fear of being crippled and never being able to experience sex again. I should mention however, that my secondary sx need is more of a strong hunger but not an absolute necessity: I hunger for passion, I hunger for intensity, and I hunger to be in a relationship. I should mention though, that if I am in a relationship, I will often times become obsessed with the person that I am with within a very short period of time of knowing them: They are all that I can think about, I get a very "hot" feeling inside when I am around them and just being in their presence makes me feel better, and I constantly fear losing them.

What about you other type 6's?

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