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Thread: INFJ 4s

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    Cases like these are what I mean, though I'm pretty sure "K" is an INFP. She's also a trauma survivor (trampled by a horse, needing reconstructive surgery) which I assume is what makes her dissociative. It would look like inferior Se to someone who didn't know. I once mistyped her as an INFJ for that same reason.

    Interviewer: The music here takes us through a journey to overcome feelings of isolation and vulnerability.

    K: I'm actually quite intrigued by our music. I mean you go through this journey, you really fight with yourself, and you become completely suspicious of your limits and sensibility and then... you go through this long process of self-doubt and then you come out at the end, like... you have this kind of silly realization that everybody's gonna listen to this!

    Interviewer: Publishing aspects of personal darkness is nothing new for any artist, but for this lead singer, getting it on paper is especially healing.

    K: It's really a blessing, but it's... You have all these awful - or not awful, but - draining emotions inside, you know... When you can actually write a song from those things, you just in time kind of save yourself. By having a song.

    Interviewer: She's admitted before a struggle to feel alive, and here, she's very open about eerie-sounding feelings of [psychological dissociation] ... She talks about her friends just as much and wishes on them the protection and comfort that she herself craves.

    K: I have so many friends that I really like and really enjoy seeing, but you know, when you really appreciate people you can't really invade their space either, you know? We all [everyone in the world] go through moments of "I'm not made for this world," you know? And I think lots of my friends just cannot carry that aura of like... "just not made for this world." I like trying to kind of protect them, or help them feel protected, with my music or something.

    Interviewer: It's moments [like these] that wreak havoc on all my preconceived notions of a tortured soul. Her lightheartedness is especially entertaining because of its contrast to her equally observant thoughts, and lyrics, about pain and confusion. It seems like the songs on this album require a certain amount of anguish or melancholy to perform accurately.

    K: I think music, if it's successful, you don't have to be emotional in order to perform it because all of the emotions are already built into the notes and chords and the melody. So you can just sing them and all the emotions are there already - you don't have to work yourself up to it, you know?
    So she is lighthearted, calls her emotions draining and uses her music to discharge or objectify them, craves "protection and comfort," and is an INFP. 4 or 9 then?

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    ... Sorry to bump this thread again, but another thing I'm wondering about: supposedly the E4 feeling chronically misunderstood? To what extent does it qualify as [merely?] an ego-fixation if you actually are being misunderstood?

    e.g. The difference between not being seen for your 'true self', or not having your 'true self' appreciated or related to, versus what is supposedly the phenomenon of Ni doms not often having their thought process readily understood?

    Would the difference be the Ni dom 4 making that a central part of their self-concept while Ni doms of other types are pretty much 'meh' about it either way?

    Feels derp to ask Qs to blank space but better there than unasked I guess.

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